Laneige BB Cushion Anti-Aging 3rd Generation| Review


Apart from the only cushion I got from Wonder Tension, this is the second cushion I ever got. I think I am falling in love with cushion. But in the past, I would never thought to try out any cushion, like not at all. And now, I am constantly looking for a new cushion to try.


LABOLABO Super-Keana Lotion | Review


Helloooooo, everyone!!!! I want to write a product review today. First, I am gonna give a little information about this product. It is 100ml and made in Japan. It is in an orangy transparent bottle with a silver cover. And to be honest, I really like transparent bottle because I can see how many product is left in the bottle and I won’t freak out when it is finished.


A Random Haul | Kiehl’s, Glossier, Bershka | Part 2


Hey guys, if you have read my previous post, you will know that I separated the Random Haul into two parts. If anyone wants to check out the part, you can click here.

Kiehl’s is the brand that I always walk through with a little peep in. I never really have the courage to walk inside because I am kinda scared that the salesman will just ignore my existence. But anyway my friend kindly brought one from Aus which is so much cheaper in HK. I have not start using it but I have heard a lot of great comments about this product. I just cannot wait to try it.

I was looking for a shoes that is mainly in white colour or maybe some cute pattern on it. And I found this beautiful casual heels in Bershka. I know I wanted to buy it the second I saw it because it is just exactly what I want and it is so beautiful. 

H&M - 60HKD (On Sale)
Well this is an ordinary shirt that cannot be more ordinary. It is just a tight deep red shirt with BABE SQUAD on top of my chest. I love wear tight shirt that can cover my arm because there is a fat in my arm that I am trying to get rid of.

Glossier Generation G – 17GBP On Sale
I do not recall the price of the product and believe it is around 17GBP. When I finish watching Arden Rose’s video, I cannot stop myself from purchasing the Generation G in Like. It is the kind of colour that do not exist in my collection.
After I have try this on, I can tell that I love how natural the colour is. But there is a downside about this product, it has a scent that I do not like. I do not know how to express that scent but the scent is just not nice. Maybe I just got one that does not smell nice. 
Anyway, I do love it. I love that the tube is in total white. I love its colour.

This is the end of my little random haul, hope you enjoy reading it.💓


A Random Haul | Burberry, Kiehl’s, MONKI | Part 1


The majority stores in Hong Kong are on sales and I bought quite some things that I wanted to share with you guys. Also there are items that I bought few days before I left TW. Sharing now is because I just remembered that they are in my closet.

If items that are on sale I will mark it. If not, then there is nothing. haha

Burberry Warm Glow Bronzer – 120HKD
When I went the store, they only got the colour no.1, no.2 and no.4. After trying three of them, I feel like number 1 and 2 are quite orange and number 4 is actually my favourite colour. The colour is very beautiful and natural and it is so pigmented. Oh my god, I just love the product so much. She is not my first bronzer but she is my favourite bronzer. I even want to store one in my drawer in case I cannot get them in such a low price again. If you have tried it before and have the same taste as me, you will definitely understand how much I love this bronzer.

For someone of you may not know this brand. It is a brand under H&M but the style in MONKI is totally different from H&M.

Monki takes shopping for great fashion to a whole new level with its colourful stores and active social media community. With a design DNA mixing Scandi cool with the energy of Asian street style, Monki creates on-trend lifestyle collections for young women.

Ok, when I saw this baby sitting on the desk, I fall in love. It is very beautiful and it is kinda a brave colour for me to try. There are four slots for you to store your cards and I took the last one to store change or small notes. I mean this card case is so beautiful and fashionable and I really love it and you just cannot miss it. There are other colours too, you definitely can find one you love.

6ixty8ighty – 58HKD+78HKD+99HKD

Sunglasses (58HKD): I got a very gorgeous sunglasses which I have been looking around for quite some time. And I finally got with such an affordable price. I like that it is silver and is not see throw. And what is even better is that the temples are so thin. It is also something I love about.

Vest (78HKD): it is a ‘couple’ vest with my best friend who I mentioned in the 10 years relationship post. And if you would to check that post out HERE it goes. I really like the materials of the vest and also the length. I also like that there is two blue and red strips on the shoulders. It is very cute and added some colour on the vest. It is simple but you can feel the summer energy.

Underwear (99HKD – On Sale):  Well, of course, underwear from 6ixty8ighty, if you have read my post before you will know how much I admire their underwear. If you want to know my love of their underwear, you can click here and check it out. I will try to find the photo online because I do not secure posting myself in the internet only wear underwear.

Wow…when I finish typing the whole Random Haul I did not realize it is that long. Therefore I decided to separate it into two different posts. 

Hope you enjoy reading it.💓 


Neogence Deep Pore Cleansing Mask | Review


Hello, it is me again. I got a review for you guys today. I planned to write this review a week ago but plans can never keep up with changes. Anyways, here I am, I want to write a review on Deep Pore Cleansing Mask from Neogence. I cannot remember when I bought it but I bought it quite some time ago. I also bought the extremely off-heads serum at the same time because they are doing a buy one get one promotion.


July goals | 2017


I have been on my summer holiday for two weeks and I realized that I have not given myself anyone goals. In order to make myself busy, goals must be created as I love to keep myself occupied.


Got a Contract Job | Good or Bad?


Summer holiday starts two weeks ago but I did not attend work the second I arrived Hong Kong. I want to spend some time with my family and friends first. Also I do not want to stick with my old job (there is a drama in it. If you want to know about it, comment down below.), I want to try something new.


One week of my life | NOC. Café | #2


I arrived in Hong Kong last Sunday and that is why I did not post anything last week because I am way too busy packing my stuff. We need to clear our room before we left and that nearly drive me crazy. But I would not say I do not enjoy any of it, in fact I love packing. I have no idea why, I just love packing things. I even helped some of my friends to pack their stuff. Of course, after I have finished packing mine.

Monthly Favourites

May Favourite | 2017


Sometimes I wonder why times past so fast that I can follow.

It is June! I am so excited that summer holiday is coming but at the meantime I am worried about my final exam. I am so worried and stressed that time is not enough. Or maybe my time management is just not good enough. (and let’s pretend that we do not know, I am working on that.)

One week of my life | #1


Hey, how are you doing?

I am doing well, thank you. And I am pretty much spending all my time studying this weekend. I got two public exams coming next week and a final exam two weeks later.  When I remind myself everytime, I feel so stressful and exhausted. I always feel like that there is enough time for me.


Little Haul in Daiso


What is Daiso?
Daiso is a Japanese brand that founded in December, 1977 and sell a large variety of products from cosmetics to snacks to daily necessities etc. You basically can find anything you want in Daiso. And that is not all the amazing stuff about Daiso, Daiso also sells their products in a unite price, 30TWD (1 pound or 10 HKD etc.), except snacks that is a bit expensive. So in conclusion, Daiso is such an affordable brand that you can have no worries while you are shopping.

How did I find out Daiso?
When I just arrived in my school that is located in uptown and it is hard to find a place for grocery shopping. The only place left is the shopping mall sitting cross our school. There is no supermarket in the mall but a Daiso that I spent a lot of money in buying many daily necessities. And I have been purchasing stuff in Daiso even since.

Today I wanted to share three little beautiful Japan style things to you guys. They are little envelope and a delicate card that you can write anything on it. I was not the kind of girl that will buy such cute thing but I fall in love the second I saw them and cannot control myself not to buy them. I never regret purchasing them.

You can use them in anywhere. A little thank you letter to your friend with some homemade desserts. I mean this is such a great combination. I believe your friends will feel so warm after receiving such a beautiful and warm card.

Hope you enjoy reading it 💗

A Little Gift For Myself | NIKE BENASSI DUO ULTRA


Mid-term exam is finally finished and I feel so relaxed. I feel like I can finally get some comfortable long hour sleep that I have not been getting in the past week or so. If you know me sleeping is one of those things that I cannot skip or spend any less time in it. So after a long hour sleep, I decide to hang out with my friends and get some gifts for myself. It is like a reward for me that I have been working hard in exam.

I was being a great accompany for my friend who was shopping in Adidas and planning on buying the newest Ultra Boost. While she was checking out her shoes, in the other store, Nike, there is a sandal that totally gets my attention. I have tried one Nike sandal before and I love it. It is made with a soft, pliable foam midsole for plush cushioning and a carved-out outsole. And it said that it was the lightest sandal of all the Nike’s sandal. I do not know if it is the lightest of all because I have never tried one before and I cannot make any comment about that. But I do know that it is very light weighted, I can say that the second I pick it up. Due to the softness and the light weighted, I decided to purchase this bad boy. Compare to all the sandals that I had worn before, I think it is pretty expensive. Well as I always get the sandal from random store which they do not have any brand. And, now, for the first time, I bought a NIKE sandal and it cost 1200TWD which is quite expensive. But, to me, it is still affordable. I really like that the outsole is quite thick that makes me look a bit taller. Oh by the way, my friend did not end up buying that shoe since she bought a pair of new shoes two months ago. And I am the one end up with a sandal. So after all there is one bad thing about this sandal which is do not wear it if it is raining outside. It will seriously ruin your sandal.

There are few more designs of this beautiful NIKE sandal but sadly they are not on sale in Taiwan. I believe you can get them from other countries. The other designs are also very beautiful and I kind of wanna get one more. (just kidding)

Hop you enjoy reading it.💖


Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence Sunscreen SPF50+ PA+++ | Review


Hello everyone! I wanted to write my opinion on a new sun protection that I have been trying two to three weeks. I was gonna write it a few days ago but I was having my mid-term exam which stress me out a bit. Anyway the exam is over and I am here to write a new review.

Let me give you guys some brief information about this brand, Biore, in case anyone that has not heard of it. Biore is under Kao Corporation which is a chemical and cosmetics company headquartered in Japan. Forty something of all the revenue that Kao is making is by selling beauty care. As you tell there are lots of people buying their beauty products. Well I, of course, am one of them. I was a big big fan of their facial cleansing product until I found a new one that suits me better.

I bought this sun protection with the same reason as before, one of my friends recommended it to me. I did not have any second thoughts when I purchase. As after I tried a tester in Watson, I can tell that it is not tacky at all. I bought two sun protections because it is on sale and I was planning on applying it on my body. I did not have any second thought when I purchase it because I know I will use a lot of them. But I think I am starting to regret that decision.

I have been wearing it since I bought it. There is one thing that I really love about this sun protection is that at the end of day I did not feel tacky at all. BUT there are quite some bits that I did not love about this sun protection. ONE, it is a bit too watery for a SPF50+ PA+++ sun protection. I have heard that it should not be that watery but bit more thick. TWO, since it is quite watery, I did not even need to squash the bottle to get the product out. And I do not think I like this. THREE, it is not alcohol free! I swear to god I could not smell it when I am testing it in the store. If I smell that alcohol I would never lay on hand on it. 

Do you have any sun protection that you are enjoy using it and wanted to share with me?

Hope you enjoying reading it. 💋


Cellina Limpidity UV Protection SPF50+★★★★ | Review


Summer is coming and there is something I never thought I would care about. Well that is sun protection. The reason why I never pay attention on sun protection is that I do not hang out under the sun a lot or I should say I stay at facilities with cover like shopping mall etc. a lot.

There is one more thing I have to admit which is I am so scared of sun protection that is tacky to the touch. I cannot stand that kind of sun protection, not at all. And that may also be the reason why I held back from sun protection.

Despite all those ‘reasons’ let’s get on to the point where I am going to introduce you guys to a sun protection that I really like. It is a Taiwan brand and last year is there 75th anniversary. Their most popular product is a cream in a blue colour box and that is the cream Taiwanese have been using since ever.

I chose the sun protection from Cellina Limpidity UV Protection SPF50+★★★★ is because it is such a well-known brand in Taiwan and one of my best friends recommended it to me. And I thought why not give it try. One, I do need it since summer is coming. Two, she said that it was not sticky. Well after I used it for almost two weeks, I found myself cannot disagree what she had say. And I am slowly falling in love with this amazing product. I will use it before my makeup if I did not wear any makeup that day I will just put some sun protection on my face and that’s it. The sun protection would not whiten your skin. It is colourless.

Information of the sun protection:
Super Refreshing Texture Non-greasy, Non-sticky and Colorless
High-efficiency UVA/UVB ProtectionFor Tan and Sunburn Protection
Compound Moisturizing IngredientsFor  Fine and Soft Skin

No Alcohol, No Artificial ColoringFor a Refreshing Feeling

Have you try this sun protection before? And do you have any sun protection that you are loving? 

Hope you enjoy reading it 💋


Maybelline FIT Me Foundation Matte+Poreless | Review


I bought a lot of new cosmetics during Chinese New Year and did a haul post about it. If you want to check it out, please click here.

I decided to try the Maybelline Fit Me foundation (Matte + Poreless) first out of all the other foundations as there was hype about this product not long ago. And I have not had the chance to any Maybelline foundation before so I am so excited about this product.

When I pour it out of the bottle, I am so scared that I chose the wrong shade, a darker shade than I should have. As you may not know I purchased it online. But I got the right shade for myself, the first time. After applying it on my face, I can tell that there are shadows of freckles left on my face which the foundation cannot cover it up. But it is totally fine for me, I do not care about that at all. I am always a fan of ‘imperfect’ makeup. Anyways back to the foundation, I think it is a bit dry because there are dry spot where my acne is. But that did not make me feel frustrated because I know I chose a matte foundation and am not a fan of dewy finish. So no complain for that.

I think it is pretty much fine but there is one thing that I did to worry or keep reminding myself which is that the foundation is very easy to transfer to other object. I scratched my face accidentally and can feel that there is foundation on my nails and the tip of my fingers. I tried to clean my fingers with tissue and can tell that there is lots of foundation on my finger or I was so surprised.

I say I spent two extra cottons in removing my makeup. Normally I will only spend two cottons in removing my makeup including my eye makeup. But for this foundation, I have no idea why. There is an obviously less amount of foundation on the cottons and until the number fifth cotton there is no more makeup on it.

The foundation makes my look looks matte all day which is something I appreciate. I do not recommend to build up this foundation as it may look cakey, at least to it is. And it may transfer to other object so much easier. Oh and this foundation does not have a pump which quite inconvenience but I think it is alright since the foundation is quite liquidity. I am not sure I am a fan of this foundation and I will not recommend it to any of my friends.

Did any of you try this foundation before? And how do you feel about it?

Galentine’s Day Gift Guide


Valentine’s Day is coming and it is time to give present to your lovely and charming girlfriend. And sometime it is very difficult to choose the right gift for your girl. But at the meantime I got some gifts idea and thought why not share with you guys. Therefore it would be more easier for you to pick your present.

A Ring
I believe every girl love ring and I got some ideas. They are very small, cute and elegant. And they are in heart shape which represents love. Giving it to your lady in Galentine’s day may her feel so warm.

Kylie Lipstick

Kylie is like the ‘it’ girl and her products are so popular and hard to get. Her product always sold out a few minutes after released. I mean how amazing and powerful she is. If you can get one for you girl, she must be some thrilled.

Dry Flower
It is the kind of present that I recently thought of giving because I never know how cool they are until not long ago. You may check out my previous blogpost in here where I got a vase of dry flower and I am obsessed with it. Dry flower least for 9 months to 11 months and that is so much better than fresh flower not that fresh flower are not good. Anyway I believe dry flower could be a cute present for Galentine’s day gift.

Do you have a better idea of giving present to your girl?


High Street Makeup Product Haul


A LATE happy Chinese New Year to everyone who is reading. Since it is New Year, I bought some new cosmetics to treat myself. And I cannot wait to try them. Actually while I am writing this blog I already started using the Maybelline FIT Me Foundation and will definitely do a review on that foundation.

So without further ado let’s get into the haul!

I bought so many foundations and I think I gone a bit crazy because who would buy four foundation in a row. Also when can I use up all of them?
There are many youtubers and bloggers gave good comments about them but also there are some bad ones. I just wanna try them out myself.

This is one of the high street concealer I have been dying to try.

This is the mascara that, too, many people gave good comments about it and I just cannot wait to try it. I am just not going to use it after I finish my old one. HAHA.

I also got four new wetnwild lipsticks. I owned a few wetnwild lipsticks and absolutely love them. Sometimes I just cannot control myself to buy lipsticks. The range of colour of lipsticks does not change much. They all pretty much are deep red, nude or red purple.

This is what I get for myself during Chinese New Year. What did you guys get?

Dry Flower


The rabbits in the hole
The grasses are wet and beginning to bow
The forest is damp and sleepy
-Robert Rorabeck

I am always a fan of flower and found that they are very beautiful at any form. But my favourite form of flower is the dry one. They live longer than the wet one. The dry flower can live around a month but the one needs water can only live for a few days. And I am just not really a fan of that because it dies so quickly. There is not enough time for me to enjoy them.

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