Maybelline FIT Me Foundation Matte+Poreless | Review


I bought a lot of new cosmetics during Chinese New Year and did a haul post about it. If you want to check it out, please click here.

I decided to try the Maybelline Fit Me foundation (Matte + Poreless) first out of all the other foundations as there was hype about this product not long ago. And I have not had the chance to any Maybelline foundation before so I am so excited about this product.

When I pour it out of the bottle, I am so scared that I chose the wrong shade, a darker shade than I should have. As you may not know I purchased it online. But I got the right shade for myself, the first time. After applying it on my face, I can tell that there are shadows of freckles left on my face which the foundation cannot cover it up. But it is totally fine for me, I do not care about that at all. I am always a fan of ‘imperfect’ makeup. Anyways back to the foundation, I think it is a bit dry because there are dry spot where my acne is. But that did not make me feel frustrated because I know I chose a matte foundation and am not a fan of dewy finish. So no complain for that.

I think it is pretty much fine but there is one thing that I did to worry or keep reminding myself which is that the foundation is very easy to transfer to other object. I scratched my face accidentally and can feel that there is foundation on my nails and the tip of my fingers. I tried to clean my fingers with tissue and can tell that there is lots of foundation on my finger or I was so surprised.

I say I spent two extra cottons in removing my makeup. Normally I will only spend two cottons in removing my makeup including my eye makeup. But for this foundation, I have no idea why. There is an obviously less amount of foundation on the cottons and until the number fifth cotton there is no more makeup on it.

The foundation makes my look looks matte all day which is something I appreciate. I do not recommend to build up this foundation as it may look cakey, at least to it is. And it may transfer to other object so much easier. Oh and this foundation does not have a pump which quite inconvenience but I think it is alright since the foundation is quite liquidity. I am not sure I am a fan of this foundation and I will not recommend it to any of my friends.

Did any of you try this foundation before? And how do you feel about it?

Galentine’s Day Gift Guide


Valentine’s Day is coming and it is time to give present to your lovely and charming girlfriend. And sometime it is very difficult to choose the right gift for your girl. But at the meantime I got some gifts idea and thought why not share with you guys. Therefore it would be more easier for you to pick your present.

A Ring
I believe every girl love ring and I got some ideas. They are very small, cute and elegant. And they are in heart shape which represents love. Giving it to your lady in Galentine’s day may her feel so warm.

Kylie Lipstick

Kylie is like the ‘it’ girl and her products are so popular and hard to get. Her product always sold out a few minutes after released. I mean how amazing and powerful she is. If you can get one for you girl, she must be some thrilled.

Dry Flower
It is the kind of present that I recently thought of giving because I never know how cool they are until not long ago. You may check out my previous blogpost in here where I got a vase of dry flower and I am obsessed with it. Dry flower least for 9 months to 11 months and that is so much better than fresh flower not that fresh flower are not good. Anyway I believe dry flower could be a cute present for Galentine’s day gift.

Do you have a better idea of giving present to your girl?


High Street Makeup Product Haul


A LATE happy Chinese New Year to everyone who is reading. Since it is New Year, I bought some new cosmetics to treat myself. And I cannot wait to try them. Actually while I am writing this blog I already started using the Maybelline FIT Me Foundation and will definitely do a review on that foundation.

So without further ado let’s get into the haul!

I bought so many foundations and I think I gone a bit crazy because who would buy four foundation in a row. Also when can I use up all of them?
There are many youtubers and bloggers gave good comments about them but also there are some bad ones. I just wanna try them out myself.

This is one of the high street concealer I have been dying to try.

This is the mascara that, too, many people gave good comments about it and I just cannot wait to try it. I am just not going to use it after I finish my old one. HAHA.

I also got four new wetnwild lipsticks. I owned a few wetnwild lipsticks and absolutely love them. Sometimes I just cannot control myself to buy lipsticks. The range of colour of lipsticks does not change much. They all pretty much are deep red, nude or red purple.

This is what I get for myself during Chinese New Year. What did you guys get?

Dry Flower


The rabbits in the hole
The grasses are wet and beginning to bow
The forest is damp and sleepy
-Robert Rorabeck

I am always a fan of flower and found that they are very beautiful at any form. But my favourite form of flower is the dry one. They live longer than the wet one. The dry flower can live around a month but the one needs water can only live for a few days. And I am just not really a fan of that because it dies so quickly. There is not enough time for me to enjoy them.

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