Laneige BB Cushion Anti-Aging 3rd Generation| Review


Apart from the only cushion I got from Wonder Tension, this is the second cushion I ever got. I think I am falling in love with cushion. But in the past, I would never thought to try out any cushion, like not at all. And now, I am constantly looking for a new cushion to try.


LABOLABO Super-Keana Lotion | Review


Helloooooo, everyone!!!! I want to write a product review today. First, I am gonna give a little information about this product. It is 100ml and made in Japan. It is in an orangy transparent bottle with a silver cover. And to be honest, I really like transparent bottle because I can see how many product is left in the bottle and I won’t freak out when it is finished.


A Random Haul | Kiehl’s, Glossier, Bershka | Part 2


Hey guys, if you have read my previous post, you will know that I separated the Random Haul into two parts. If anyone wants to check out the part, you can click here.

Kiehl’s is the brand that I always walk through with a little peep in. I never really have the courage to walk inside because I am kinda scared that the salesman will just ignore my existence. But anyway my friend kindly brought one from Aus which is so much cheaper in HK. I have not start using it but I have heard a lot of great comments about this product. I just cannot wait to try it.

I was looking for a shoes that is mainly in white colour or maybe some cute pattern on it. And I found this beautiful casual heels in Bershka. I know I wanted to buy it the second I saw it because it is just exactly what I want and it is so beautiful. 

H&M - 60HKD (On Sale)
Well this is an ordinary shirt that cannot be more ordinary. It is just a tight deep red shirt with BABE SQUAD on top of my chest. I love wear tight shirt that can cover my arm because there is a fat in my arm that I am trying to get rid of.

Glossier Generation G – 17GBP On Sale
I do not recall the price of the product and believe it is around 17GBP. When I finish watching Arden Rose’s video, I cannot stop myself from purchasing the Generation G in Like. It is the kind of colour that do not exist in my collection.
After I have try this on, I can tell that I love how natural the colour is. But there is a downside about this product, it has a scent that I do not like. I do not know how to express that scent but the scent is just not nice. Maybe I just got one that does not smell nice. 
Anyway, I do love it. I love that the tube is in total white. I love its colour.

This is the end of my little random haul, hope you enjoy reading it.💓


A Random Haul | Burberry, Kiehl’s, MONKI | Part 1


The majority stores in Hong Kong are on sales and I bought quite some things that I wanted to share with you guys. Also there are items that I bought few days before I left TW. Sharing now is because I just remembered that they are in my closet.

If items that are on sale I will mark it. If not, then there is nothing. haha

Burberry Warm Glow Bronzer – 120HKD
When I went the store, they only got the colour no.1, no.2 and no.4. After trying three of them, I feel like number 1 and 2 are quite orange and number 4 is actually my favourite colour. The colour is very beautiful and natural and it is so pigmented. Oh my god, I just love the product so much. She is not my first bronzer but she is my favourite bronzer. I even want to store one in my drawer in case I cannot get them in such a low price again. If you have tried it before and have the same taste as me, you will definitely understand how much I love this bronzer.

For someone of you may not know this brand. It is a brand under H&M but the style in MONKI is totally different from H&M.

Monki takes shopping for great fashion to a whole new level with its colourful stores and active social media community. With a design DNA mixing Scandi cool with the energy of Asian street style, Monki creates on-trend lifestyle collections for young women.

Ok, when I saw this baby sitting on the desk, I fall in love. It is very beautiful and it is kinda a brave colour for me to try. There are four slots for you to store your cards and I took the last one to store change or small notes. I mean this card case is so beautiful and fashionable and I really love it and you just cannot miss it. There are other colours too, you definitely can find one you love.

6ixty8ighty – 58HKD+78HKD+99HKD

Sunglasses (58HKD): I got a very gorgeous sunglasses which I have been looking around for quite some time. And I finally got with such an affordable price. I like that it is silver and is not see throw. And what is even better is that the temples are so thin. It is also something I love about.

Vest (78HKD): it is a ‘couple’ vest with my best friend who I mentioned in the 10 years relationship post. And if you would to check that post out HERE it goes. I really like the materials of the vest and also the length. I also like that there is two blue and red strips on the shoulders. It is very cute and added some colour on the vest. It is simple but you can feel the summer energy.

Underwear (99HKD – On Sale):  Well, of course, underwear from 6ixty8ighty, if you have read my post before you will know how much I admire their underwear. If you want to know my love of their underwear, you can click here and check it out. I will try to find the photo online because I do not secure posting myself in the internet only wear underwear.

Wow…when I finish typing the whole Random Haul I did not realize it is that long. Therefore I decided to separate it into two different posts. 

Hope you enjoy reading it.💓 

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