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Hi, lovies!! How is your day? 

It has been a long time since last post.

I went crazy buying cosmetics. They may not seem to be a large amount of cosmetics to you but it is to me.
I rarely purchase so many cosmetics at a time. But I was really out of my mind when I am shopping.

First, the Seouler's Outlet - HIGH-END TOUCH(no. 23). I really the way of applying it.
It keeps your hand clean after using it. It is so convenience to me. And I am adore its design. 

It is the look of its packaging.

It is the outfit of the Seouler's Outlet - HIGH-END TOUCH.

Second, the 101 pencil.

The 101 pencil is just awesome!! They are not just ordinary pencil. It can apply on your eyelid, cheek and lips.

Third, It's Real Mini Pack. (Carrot, Pumpkin, Chestnut Bark)

There are 5 different featured ingredients for this line, which are Broccoli (Antioxidant Care), Sea Kelp (Moisturising Care), Pumpkin (Lifting Care), Chestnut Shell (Exfoliating Care) and Carrot (Brightening Care).
And I only bought three of them. 
I kind of like it packaging as it is small and cute.

Four, 2-STEP Black Head Remover Dual Sheet. 

I am looking forward to this product as there is a mask for tighten your pores after using the step 1.
Not going to lie I am so exciting to try this product. 
(Actually, I am going to try it after posting this blog. haha)

Five, Black Charcoal Chin Pack.

Also, I am looking forward to use this product. As there are so many oil particle on my lower jaw.
I am just finding a way to clean them.

If you know how to remove them please tell me. Thanks so much. xx

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