Cellina Limpidity UV Protection SPF50+★★★★ | Review


Summer is coming and there is something I never thought I would care about. Well that is sun protection. The reason why I never pay attention on sun protection is that I do not hang out under the sun a lot or I should say I stay at facilities with cover like shopping mall etc. a lot.

There is one more thing I have to admit which is I am so scared of sun protection that is tacky to the touch. I cannot stand that kind of sun protection, not at all. And that may also be the reason why I held back from sun protection.

Despite all those ‘reasons’ let’s get on to the point where I am going to introduce you guys to a sun protection that I really like. It is a Taiwan brand and last year is there 75th anniversary. Their most popular product is a cream in a blue colour box and that is the cream Taiwanese have been using since ever.

I chose the sun protection from Cellina Limpidity UV Protection SPF50+★★★★ is because it is such a well-known brand in Taiwan and one of my best friends recommended it to me. And I thought why not give it try. One, I do need it since summer is coming. Two, she said that it was not sticky. Well after I used it for almost two weeks, I found myself cannot disagree what she had say. And I am slowly falling in love with this amazing product. I will use it before my makeup if I did not wear any makeup that day I will just put some sun protection on my face and that’s it. The sun protection would not whiten your skin. It is colourless.

Information of the sun protection:
Super Refreshing Texture Non-greasy, Non-sticky and Colorless
High-efficiency UVA/UVB ProtectionFor Tan and Sunburn Protection
Compound Moisturizing IngredientsFor  Fine and Soft Skin

No Alcohol, No Artificial ColoringFor a Refreshing Feeling

Have you try this sun protection before? And do you have any sun protection that you are loving? 

Hope you enjoy reading it 💋

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  1. I think that's a very nice sun protecting product. I really want to try that especially now that I'm on my gap year and I have been living in Bali for a while. Thank you for the recommendation!

    All the love, Eiren. xx


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