Chicken Salad Roll | Dinner


Hello Loves:) How is your day? 

I know I said that I was not going to post anything in the next week but I cannot help myself. This blogpost will be a little bit shorter than the others blogpost that I posted. This is going to be a quick one. Everyone needs to eat and I had a chicken salad roll tonight. It tastes so amazing and I thought why not share with you guys. 

There are lettuce, tomato, chicken beast, black pepper and vinegar.
It super easy and quick to make and tastes so good too. 

And then I go with a cup of coffee that I bought in supermarket a few days ago. I really like it as it has a strong smell and taste of coffee which is something I value the most about a cup of coffee. Of course you cannot compare this cup kind of coffee with fresh grind coffee. Well as I am way too lazy to make a cup of fresh grind coffee for myself, I decided to go with this one. This is the kind of coffee that I will repurchase.

What did you have for dinner? :)

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Top 5 Favourite TV Series | March 2016


Today, I wanted to introduce you guys my favourite TV series of this month. (March 2016) They may not be your favourite but they are my current favourite TV series. I am addicted to them. haha

And I want to apologize to you guys as I will not be free in the next one and half week which means I cannot be posting any blog. :(( I am sorry about that. But anyways let's enjoy this one, shall we? :)

Also wish you all have a lovely and amazing Easter Holiday with your family, friends etc.

The Originals
Well the spin-off of The Vampire Diary! Who do not love it?
My most favorite part of this TV series is the intense between each member of Mikaelson family. Each member of the family has a total different character and that makes them needed each other but at the same time drove them apart.


This is such an amazing TV series although there are moments that I cannot catch up with lines. When they are using a large amount of technical terms, I just cannot catch up with it. But it did not stop me from watching Scorpion. I love the storyline and how the genius cannot feel what normal human can feel. But with the help of Paige, they are starting to understand how normal human feels.

I think Emily Vancamp acted so good in this TV series. Love that look of her.

Gossip Girl
I watched this TV series so many times and still like it. Some people may not like complicated relationship between many characters but I love it a lot!! I found it so interesting. I can never get bored with complicated relationship in TV series.

I think there is one thing you guys need to know about me. I am not interested in Batman and have not watch it before. I was randomly browsing on internet and found this TV series. I like season 2 more than season 1. It is because Barbara turns into a villain. I have never felt so happy or satisfy (uhhh is that the right adjective...) in a TV series. I believe Gotham will be the kind of TV series that I will never get bored with. Hope it has a few more seasons. haha

So they are my top 5 favourite TV series. Tell me your favourite TV series at the moment. I would love to know! And wish you all have a lovely Easter hliday!x

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Teeny Tiny Makeup Haul | Maybelline, Revlon, Rimmel & New Born


Hello! How are you doing? Have you had a lovely day? x

I am so excited to share this haul to you guys. I wanted to try Maybelline and Revlon for a long time and here we are. I finally have a chance to buy some of their products. 

This is probably the second foundation I got. I know you guys are wondering why. It is because I always feel so weird and uncomfortable to try foundation outside. Since I do not know which foundation color suit my skin tone, I rather stick to the only foundation I got at home. BUT one of my friend has been telling me that the REVLON colorstayfoundation is amazing and consistently telling me to give it a try. So here I am! I went to Watsons and bought it.
I got the shade of 150 buff and it has SPF 20 which I love. I love products that have UV protection as I always forget the step of putting on sunscreen which is bad. I love the packaging; it is tiny and easy to carry which is good at travelling. The only disadvantage is that it is a glass bottle so you gotta be care with it.
The foundation is quite watery.

I am pretty sure everyone had heard of this Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. Well I have not try it before and only have one finish powder in my make-up wardrobe so why not get one. haha

The eyeliner that I have been using for a very long time is dry out so I have to get a new one. I was struggling to get liquid eyeliner or pencil eyeliner. The one that is dry out is liquid eyeliner which I love. While I cannot decide which one I should get, I saw this double ended eyeliner which contain liquid and pencil eyeliner. I grip it without hesitation. I believe buying this eyeliner will be a great choice as it satisfies my two requirements.


I got two mascara products. The first one is DreamLash Film Base. I heard that it will makes your lashes longer and add more volume on it. And the second item is Great Lash Lots of Lashes (very black). The ‘Lots of Lashes’ attracted me so I got it. Maybelline products always have some many comments and I just really wanted to try them out to find out if it is really that good quality. I am not saying that they do not have a quality. I mean if I wear them on my face will it be as good as others. Haha

I have been obsessing with this nail polish. Some of you may or may not like it but I like the color. It is a little bit pinky and shimmery and a little blue when it is under light. Kind of like how it changes its color.

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Gold, Silver and Black Metallic Tattoos Haul


I LOVE LOVE LOVE TATTOO no matter it is temporary or permanently on your skin. They are just so gorgeous and amazing. Especially when there is a meaning behind your tattoo and I also love listening to the story behind the tattoo.

Since I am so obsessed with tattoo, I bought whole bunch of metallic tattoos. They are in the color of gold, silver and black. There are few pieces of tattoos that is from last year. Except that few pieces, they are all new. Then I thought what is better than sharing it with you lovely people.

Also, I wanted to mention an instagram account that I absolutely love. They have some many amazing and incredible metallic tattoos. It is called iamu_collective.
credit by: iamu_collective (from their instagram)
So these are my gold, silver and black metallic tattoos haul.

I still cannot get over how amazing they are!! If you are obsessed with the metallic tattoos as I do, comment down below. I would love to know! x

Also there is a HIGH STREET MAKE-UP HAUL coming up. Do not miss it. Love you! x

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1028 Face Highlighter | First Impression


Hellooo!! How are you doing ?
I am doing good today and hope you have an amazing day x

Well, I never bought a proper highlighter before. This is the first one I got. I know you are wondering why I did not get one before. I was not very into contour before. emmm.... you may check on my previous blog, there is more information about why I did not buy any contouring kit before. haha

I was planning to buy a highlighter from Seventeen or Hourglass Ambient etc. As they all have so many good comments. Seventeen was the one I really wanted to try. Some blogger had said that their products were quite good and high quality. But obviously I did not have the chance to purchase it. But anyway I got my highlighter from 1028 which is a Taiwan brand. I heard of this brand before but did not pay so much attention on it and did not do any research before purchasing it. So buying this highlighter is really really out of my expectation. Not only my action is out of my expectation but also the quality of this product is also out of my expectation. The quality of it is so incredible.

I was quite impressed by the design of this product as it is so handy and small. The packaging is so suitable for travel. If I want to put it in my make up bag, it would not take too many place. Also I do not need to carry a brush for applying my highlighter. It provides us a teeny tiny VELVET puff. Yes it is VELVET!!! You and I both saw the word. I just love velvet so much. It is going to be v.v.v. soft when it touches your face. 

So being handy is not the only advantage of this cutie highlighter, having a mirror is another advantage. And you probably cannot see it as my lovely phone perfectly block it. Also there is one more thing I love about this highlighter. It is very pigmented and a little bit shimmery.

I have no idea that it is that pigmented at first and applied a lot on the left hand side of my face. And I learned my lesson. I applied a very small amount and so gently on the right hand side of my face and that was enough. It created a shimmery look which I really like !!!!

I edited the photo into a more cooler tone so that the color of it is more close to the color on my hand. I tired a few lighting and it just did not work so I have to edit it. sorry :(

Where am I going to apply it?
Well it will be on my c zone, corner of my eye, the middle part above my lip(I do not the actual name of it sorry haha), my chin and my under-eye area just right above the cheekbones.

And here comes the important question. Will recommend to my friend? Well if just base on the first impression I will but I order use them for a longer time just to be sure that it is good. So I cannot answer this question right now sorry :( 

Tell me your favorite highlighter in the comment! x

I bought this BlackHead Remover while I purchased the 1028 highlighter. I have heard a lot  about this product and though why not give it a go. As lots of Taiwan skin care products always have tons of good comments. So I bought this without hesitation, believing that it is great. I will give you guys a review after using it. Feeling really excited about this product. x

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Kinder Bueno DARK Chocolate Limited Edition


Hello everyone. How are you doing?

This is the first time I write a blog without planning. (maybe in a rush because I cannot stop myself from sharing it with you guys) If this is a little bit short compare to the past, I am sorry about that. :(( I am aware that the limited edition is up in other country but I was not sell in Taiwan till now. (I believe. I was not very sure about that too haha sorry)

Let's start talking about the Bueno, shall we? From the tittle you can tell it is about the limited edition of Bueno DARK chocolate. When I saw it in the super market, I am surprised. As there is a 'LIMITED EDITION' on the package then I am like dang there is no way I am going to miss it. And of course I bought it without a shadow of doubt. After that, I ran back home and try it. I am just too excited about it. And it is SO incredible. If you love dark chocolate and Bueno than you will be crazy about this. Like literally CRAZY about it. And obviously I am that person. 

The dark chocolate limited edition is not as sweet as the original one and the taste of dark chocolate is quite heavy which I am really enjoying it. I know there is only 30% of dark chocolate but it is just so strong. I feel like I am eating a 80% to 85% dark chocolate and quite surprised about that.

Do not hesitate to buy because it is a limited edition. If you miss it, you will regret. Trust me haha

I know there are many people searching for it. So where did I get it?
I bought it in Carrefour this morning. And I believe they are newly stored so go and get now before it is too late !!!

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My Won't Go Wrong E.L.F. Bronzer Kit (Review)


Hello everybody! How are you doing?

So bronzer!!! Everyone's favorite make-up product. Isn't it?

There are two products that I want to talk about and they are not high-end product so I think it will be quite perfect for students. As they are just so affordable. When I first started wearing make-up, I was not  fan of contouring. It is because I do not have any knowledge of how to contour. And it always turns out soooo wrong either too much or at the wrong place.. As time goes by I told myself I have to practice it and due with it. The reason of that is simple, I kinda look better after applying it. haha And it is a fact, I did not make that up, go check some of my favourite youtbers and you will see. (Zoella, Gabriella LindleyKathleen LightsLauren Elizabeth etc.)

This is the elf blush and bronzer.

e.l.f bronzed beauty set

e.l.f. bronzers

They are from E.L.F. obviously. Their price is fair and for beginners it is worth for buying them.
The blush and bronzer actually come with a blush but I cannot find it. But anyways I did not use the brush that they provide to me. I was using the Real Techniques. Real Techniques brushes are always my favorite brush. They last for a long time. 

They are quite pigmented which surprised me a bit. I will rate 7 out of 10 for the pigmented. Since it is quite pigmented, a few tap will be enough. (If you are looking for a light make up) If you are looking for a heavy make up, a few more tap of it will do the job. This bronzer is going to last a long time for me as I tend to wear light make up then heavy. Apart from loving its pigmented, I always love its packaging. It is small and easy for storing and travelling. It will never take too many place in my make-up bag. 

I love the bronzers too. It has three different range of colors and a highlighter and a LARGE mirror. You guys know how convenience is it, right? haha This bronzers is not as pigmented as the blush and bronzer. But comparing to the packaging, I believe I love this one more. The mirror wins it.

Will I recommend them to my friend? Yes, why not. They are great and have a quality and not pricey.

Tell me your favorite bronzer down in the comment. I would love to know.

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Challenging/ Relaxing Games On Phone


Hello lovelies!!
How are you doing? Did you have a great day?

I am writing a different blog today. It is not about skin care, food, make ups etc
It is about GAMES. This is the first time I write about this. Hope you like it.

So, there are quite some APPS that I wanted to introduce to all of you. To me, those APPS are relaxing and challenging. Ummm..... well, they are challenging but in a relaxing way. And some of them are even offline games which I really happy about that. As I do not have internet all the time and can play it at anytime.

Homemade Fish Hamburger Recipe


Cooking is my absolute favorite activity to do at all time. I can never got bored with cooking. You can constantly find amazing and new ingredients while you are cooking.

As you guys all know I have been obsessing with the hamburger that is from Mr. Leo Restaurant, a local restaurant. ( talk about it in my previous blog)
Well you cannot always order food right? It is never as health as homemade food. um.... have to admit that this is not the healthiest recipe but to me it just taste good. It is a homemade fish hamburger. (umm with some sausage haha) Having sausage in it was not the whole plan. I was not going to add any but saw the last two sausage and decided to add it in.

What will you need?

100g-150g fish
1 egg (any size)
1/2 onion 
1-2 slices of lemon
suitable amount of coriander
small amount of salt and black pepper
(sausage is not my plan haha)

And 2 small steps!!
Step 1: Chop the fish, onion and coriander into small pieces.
Step 2: Preheat your pan with olive oil then mix all the ingredient. 

You can make any shape you want. I chose circle. A typical shape. haha

Well here it comes the finished hamburger. It tastes so good.

Tell me your favorite hamburger in the comment down below.

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