A Random Haul | Kiehl’s, Glossier, Bershka | Part 2


Hey guys, if you have read my previous post, you will know that I separated the Random Haul into two parts. If anyone wants to check out the part, you can click here.

Kiehl’s is the brand that I always walk through with a little peep in. I never really have the courage to walk inside because I am kinda scared that the salesman will just ignore my existence. But anyway my friend kindly brought one from Aus which is so much cheaper in HK. I have not start using it but I have heard a lot of great comments about this product. I just cannot wait to try it.

I was looking for a shoes that is mainly in white colour or maybe some cute pattern on it. And I found this beautiful casual heels in Bershka. I know I wanted to buy it the second I saw it because it is just exactly what I want and it is so beautiful. 

H&M - 60HKD (On Sale)
Well this is an ordinary shirt that cannot be more ordinary. It is just a tight deep red shirt with BABE SQUAD on top of my chest. I love wear tight shirt that can cover my arm because there is a fat in my arm that I am trying to get rid of.

Glossier Generation G – 17GBP On Sale
I do not recall the price of the product and believe it is around 17GBP. When I finish watching Arden Rose’s video, I cannot stop myself from purchasing the Generation G in Like. It is the kind of colour that do not exist in my collection.
After I have try this on, I can tell that I love how natural the colour is. But there is a downside about this product, it has a scent that I do not like. I do not know how to express that scent but the scent is just not nice. Maybe I just got one that does not smell nice. 
Anyway, I do love it. I love that the tube is in total white. I love its colour.

This is the end of my little random haul, hope you enjoy reading it.💓

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