Got a Contract Job | Good or Bad?


Summer holiday starts two weeks ago but I did not attend work the second I arrived Hong Kong. I want to spend some time with my family and friends first. Also I do not want to stick with my old job (there is a drama in it. If you want to know about it, comment down below.), I want to try something new.

Finding a job that suit me perfectly is so difficult, or maybe finding a job vacancy is hard too. But lucky for me, I found a booth that lots of companies gather around providing job opportunities to us. Yes, it sounds amazing but it does not happen all the time. I am so glad, I saw the advertisement yesterday.

Well, based on the tittle, you can tell that I got a contracted job which is from 17th July to 3rd Sep. After I have signed the contract and talked to my parents, I feel like I was being conned by the company. Umm..I do not think that is the word I wanted to use but I am so sure when I signed the contract my head was not clear.

They story:

When I arrived at the booth, I applied for a few jobs and can tell that they are not my first choice either they are so far away from my home or the position is not what I am looking for. After applying for a few jobs, I finally saw one job that sounds quite good, except that the salary is not good enough. But that is alright. What really go wrong was that I got too excited and signed the contract without any second thought. And let me tell you what is wrong about the job. It is not a full time job and they do not allowed any employee to find other part time jobs. And that is so ridiculous!! I mean if I am signing a full time contract, I would totally agree with that demand. But everything was too late, I had signed it.

Good or Bad?
I feel like the offer is alright but I have to be more calm and be careful if I even signed a contract again. I will say that it is not a totally bad experiment but an experiment that I can learn from it.

What have I learnt?
I learnt that there is nothing to be scared of during any interview. Be brave. Just speak up. Ask any questions that it is in your mind. Employers are more than happy to answer your question. They will know that you have really read the contract or really care about the job. If you do not ask anything, it will give them a bad impression. (do not ask any dumb questions tho) And also take your time to go throw the whole contract. It is ok to reread it again and again even if you are in front of the interviewee. It is all because once you have signed the contract, there is no go backing. And if you are signing a year contract, you have to be more careful. Lucky for me I am only signing a short term contact.

I will still work in there and will be more careful next time if I am in the same situation. You will always learn from your mistake. My dad said that it was alright although I could get a better offer.

Hope you enjoy reading it 💗

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