Galentine’s Day Gift Guide


Valentine’s Day is coming and it is time to give present to your lovely and charming girlfriend. And sometime it is very difficult to choose the right gift for your girl. But at the meantime I got some gifts idea and thought why not share with you guys. Therefore it would be more easier for you to pick your present.

A Ring
I believe every girl love ring and I got some ideas. They are very small, cute and elegant. And they are in heart shape which represents love. Giving it to your lady in Galentine’s day may her feel so warm.

Kylie Lipstick

Kylie is like the ‘it’ girl and her products are so popular and hard to get. Her product always sold out a few minutes after released. I mean how amazing and powerful she is. If you can get one for you girl, she must be some thrilled.

Dry Flower
It is the kind of present that I recently thought of giving because I never know how cool they are until not long ago. You may check out my previous blogpost in here where I got a vase of dry flower and I am obsessed with it. Dry flower least for 9 months to 11 months and that is so much better than fresh flower not that fresh flower are not good. Anyway I believe dry flower could be a cute present for Galentine’s day gift.

Do you have a better idea of giving present to your girl?

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  1. These are all things that I've hinted for my boyfriend to buy me! He's awful at picking things himself especially when it comes to jewelry! Dry flowers sound so nice! Never thought of them x


  2. That Kylie Lip Kit is gorgeous!!! Such a great idea lady.

    Dakota D.
    Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter: @missdsquared413


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