Monthly Snacks

Snacks in August | 2016


Hello everyone! 

Today I wanted to share my monthly snacks with you guys. They are so good that I wanted to repurchase them more and more but I cannot I told myself that they are the only two bags of snacks I can have in this month. 

Summer Lipsticks | 2016


Hello everyone! How is your summer? I noticed that Autumn is few days ahead from us and we are getting closer and closer. I mean how excited is that?


Golden Aloe Cleansing Water | Review


Hello everyone! How are you doing?

Today I want to write a review on cleansing water that I have been using in the past month. Golden Aloe was gifted by my friend who traveled to Korea. I was so excited to try it as it is an aloe cleansing water. Why? It is because aloe has some many benefits to skin.


Berji Seaweed Peeling Gel | Review


Hi everyone! What have you planning for today? I am trying a few new recipes.

Today I would like to do a review on seaweed peeling gel. (Obviously, we can see the tittle.) Let me give you some back ground information about this company. It is originally named La Mier and then they change their name to Berji. The product that I purchased is not tested on animals. It makes me more pleased to use it.


Five Favourites in This Week | Life


Hello everyone! How’s your day? I am enjoying today!

It is Friday, almost the end of a week and two more week to the end of summer. Yeah! How excited is that? In the following two weeks, I would be very busy and feeling excited. It is because I am starting university which I cannot wait. I have been making lots of lists for what I need to bring to my dormitory. And I have never make as much long list before in my life. After making the list I head out and purchase them. I have only bought some stationery and there are so many things for me to do.


Suicide Squad | Worth It or Not?


Ok, I watched Suicide Squad a week or two ago but did not browse any information afterward or be a little crazy stalker (not a bad thing, do not get me wrong) of Suicide Squad. Not until I realized that there are so many negative reviews about this movie in the internet. I would say I am half surprised and half understand of the satiation.


Packing Tips That I Found It Useful


It is summer and seems like everyone is going on a trip. So I thought I will share some of my packing tips and tricks to you guys and hope it may help you out. And I feel like I am the last one writing this post. As it likes everyone has started their holiday. Anyways let’s get into it.


Oh Hi | Challenging Game


Hi everyone! How are you doing?

As you all may or may not know that I am always on a hunt for challenging games. And they keep me busy, very busy. So today I got a new challenging game to share with you guys.


Back To School Stationery | 2016


Hi everyone! How you doing? It is the last day of second week of August which means school is coming. I know some of you are still in holiday mood but you gotta get ready. Buying some new stationery may actually help you prepare the mood of starting school. At least that work me but you may try.

Room Decoration Idea


Hi everyone! How is your day? I am having a fine and relaxing day.

I was half-laying on my bed looking through my room in the meanwhile browsing the internet. And I had an idea of if I can redecorate my room how I would do it. I saw a few decorations that I really like and thought why not share with you guys?

Top Five Wallpapers | 2016


Today’s post will be a little but different! I always love to collect wallpaper for my phone and there are five that really stood out. And I always reach out to them time over time. Of course they may be replacing in the future (maybe 10 years later haha) but who knows.

Food Diary

Colourful and Tasty Toast | Food


I was browsing through the internet the other day and found these lovely and tasty toasts. Although there are some ingredients that I am not sure what they are, their appearance just win everything. I definitely will say that I love most of the toasts.


Two Things In July | 2016


When I am writing typing this post, I realized that I never did a monthly summary post. But I think I did a weekly summary post before.



I was not planning on writing any post today but I saw a post called ‘you are beautiful’ by EmsiRose and she inspired me to write this post. It takes lots of courage for me to post this blogpost. It does not mean that I do not love myself or what so ever. I just do not have the confident for posting a sefile. But it does not stop me from loving myself.


August Goals | 2016


Oh my god! It is already August, can you believe it? Time really flies. I was so busy in July and most of the events were not in my original schedule but I did enjoy in it. Although I was so busy in July, there are more things that I want to achieve during August.

In this August I want to ….
2 Using microwave to bake cupcakes
3 Go to a concert
4 Spend more time with my family
5 Find a part time job
6 Read 2 books

I would also love to know some your of August goals. And hope you enjoy reading it.

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