ColouurPop YES, PLEASE Palette | Switches & Review


Helloooooo, everyone!!! I want to share my excitement with you guys. I finally got my first colourpop palette. I have never bought or tired any colourpop product before and have only heard a lot of great comment in the internet. It is always about colourpop is so affordable and the quality is so amazing with the price.

Whenever I read a compliment comment about colourpop product, it just makes me more curious about their product and the eager to try it out.

So about the packaging, the palette is in a shiny yellow box and there are name of the shadow at the back of the box. When I was so concerned about that the names are not written in the palette. I know that my concern is totally unnecessary because it is written in the back of the palette. And it is so convenience and thoughtful. About the front cover of the palette, I like that Colourpop keeps it simple and cute.

Ok, let’s get into the switch now, shall we?

In conclusion, I will recommend you applied the eyeshadow with your finger as it is so much more pigmented when you are applying with your fingers. 

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