LABOLABO Super-Keana Lotion | Review


Helloooooo, everyone!!!! I want to write a product review today. First, I am gonna give a little information about this product. It is 100ml and made in Japan. It is in an orangy transparent bottle with a silver cover. And to be honest, I really like transparent bottle because I can see how many product is left in the bottle and I won’t freak out when it is finished.

Second, what is this product? It is a toner. Well, I know there is not a toner on the bottle but a lotion. At first I was quite confused by the name but not after a long explain from a salesman. I was so grateful at that time because he spends lots of time in explaining the name of the product to me. And I know that is totally not necessary if I did my research.

Anyway, let’s get to what does this product do? This product helps you to minimize your pore. And it is quite popular. And there are few of friends said that it is amazing. So I am so excited to try it. The first of using it, I can tell that it is, without a shadow of doubt, very great. I can tell that my pore has minimized so much. And I was so happy that my friends recommend it to me.

Well, not everything goes so well, after trying a period of time, I can tell that my T-zone area is so oily where I applied this toner. I mean my T-zone area did get oily in the past but not as oil as now. I wake up every morning with an extremely oil T-zone area and also in the evening. And I just do not know why. But when I figure out it is because of this product, I was so disappointed as I do not expect that. I mean I love this toner a lot but it is making my face so oily that I cannot stand, I basically have to give up on this product.

At first, I was not very sure is this the product that is making my face oily because I was trying a new moisturising toner at the same time. So I take turn to stop using those products and eventually I found out it is this toner which is making my face oily. I was so sad that I have to stop using it. I did not just throw it away. I decided to give it to my friend because she loves this product and it does not her skin oily, not at all.

I hope you all enjoyed it 💗

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