A Gift for My Friend | 10 Years Friendship


Yep there is no mistake of 10 years relationship. There is not a typo or a calculation problem. On September 2007, I met her in an activity that our mother decided to let us join it. We did not become best friends at that time. We started to become bestie when we found out we take the same school bus in the morning during high school. I still remember that our first conversation was that she would not take the school bus next morning and ask me to past the message to the driver. Why so? It’s because that driver is very kind, he will wait for you for around 5 minutes just to make sure you would not miss the bus anyway.

And then our second conversation was me helping her to purchase a new scarf. That is where we really started talking and talking and become bestie.

Just same as all the other relationship, we got lots of argument throughout the past ten years. But nothing got in our way, either one of us will find each other and apologize. The first one to apologize does not mean the weak one. It is simply because we care about each other so much that we just do not want to loss other with one silly argument.

Well, in the following September, it will be our ten years friendship and I thought why not buy something to celebrate. Without a doubt I believe a cushion would be the best choice. She is the kind of girl that is so easy to accept and willing to try new thing. That’s something very different from me. I chose A’pieu is because it is a popular brand in Korea and there are many great comments. Also it is a new product. I got her the Wonder Tension cushion and thought she may love it as she likes to use cushion and it is a Korean brand which she also likes. I remember when she first started wearing makeup she always go for Korean brand and that’s why I believe she is gonna like it. I have not told her that I got her a little present. I plan on giving her in June when we meet. (just wanna give her a little surprise haha)

I got her the oil-control one as she got an oil skin. And the shade is in #23 which is for natural skin tone. And I got myself a good coverage one in the shade of #23. I have not tried them but planning on doing a first impression blogpost. 

Hope you enjoying reading it. 💓

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