May Favourite | 2017


Sometimes I wonder why times past so fast that I can follow.

It is June! I am so excited that summer holiday is coming but at the meantime I am worried about my final exam. I am so worried and stressed that time is not enough. Or maybe my time management is just not good enough. (and let’s pretend that we do not know, I am working on that.)

Sadly, I do not have any favourite cosmetic products this month but I do have some other favourite that I wanted to share with you guys. The reason that I do not have any cosmetic products is that I still want more time test it. There are still something that I am not sure about it. I feel like I am pushing myself write monthly favourite cosmetic products but, truly, I am not.

Anyways, let’s get started with it, shall we?

This was actually a gift from my love few months ago. I love the scent the second I tried it but I did not use it as much as I thought I would be. It is just because I was not a perfume girl and I love it so much that I am so scared I cannot get a new when the old one is finished. Why I started using it now? Well, the weather in Taiwan is so hot and I sweat a lot that I feel so insecure about the scent of my body. I feel like I stink whenever I sweat. And that is why I started using this lovely perfume. I, basically, cannot stop using it now. I feel so much safer after using it.

I have always fancy this snacks but it is so hard to find in Hong Kong and my mum kind of does not allowed me to buy it. And I still have no idea why. But anyways I finally found it in Taiwan and I could not stop myself from buying it. I like that there is a salty scent in a biscuit. I mean it is so special. And it is kinda like dipping your french fries in McDonald’s ice-cream. I like to have a few pieces when I am feeling hungry at the night.

I know, I know, this may sounds personal to some of you but I can no longer stop myself from introducing you guys such a cute and amazing brand. (I feel like everyone know this brand. Haha) Their underwear is so nice and I keep purchase underwear form 6ixty8ixty from time to time. The material is quite nice and the design is so CUTE. They got the cute design, crazy design or so sexy lace design. I like that they have such a large variety of deisgn that I do not need to shop for a few place in order to get what I want. And what is ever better is that the price is so affordable.

So those are my monthly favourite. What are your monthly favourites?

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