Lunch in Llum 10° Cafe


hi, everyone. how is your day?
Just finish lunch with my mum in Llum 10° cafe.

This is the coffee that I ordered. It is very pretty.

The restaurant is very comfortable and quite.

A Little Candy and Chocolate Haul


Hi everybody! How is your day?

I was shopping with my mum early this morning. And we bought some candies and chocolate.What is better to eat them all by my own is to share with you guys.

These are all the candies and chocolates that we nought.

So these are the candies that we got. On the left hand side of the photo, that is a very sour candy. Sour candies are my favourite candies. Also, my sister loves them too. On the right hand side of the photo, that is fruit bar. (Is it its name? I'm not sure) I really like them and had them a few years ago. They just taste so good. It is not so sweet and the taste of fruit is quite significant.

These are the chocolates that my mum bought. They taste quite good too but not my favourite.

This is the one!!!!! I absolutely love this chocolate. They are Dark chocolate and inside the chocolates there are some dry fruits. Every package have different kind of fruit and this time I choice the pomegranate flavour. It tastes so good. And I believe it is a good snacks. You can have them during your study.

Recent Favourite Lip Balm


I always have a problem with my lips because I bite them a lot. I know you are curious about how do I avoid biting them. Well what I usually do is just use a lip balm. Using a lip balm helps me a lot. I actually do stop biting them when I'm wearing it. A little tips for you, try to put lots of lip balm on my lips before bed time. It is because when you wake up the other day, it will looks so much better.

Marine Elements lip balm is slightly pricer than Labello.

Lunch In Accessories/Brunch/Coffee


Afternoon everyone :)
Did you have a refreshing morning?

As I was walking along the street with my mum, she saw this restaurant and decided to have lunch in there. It is called Accessories/Brunch/Coffee.

Personally, I believe the first impression is very important. When I step inside the restaurant, it gave me a comfortable and relaxation feeling.

There is a wall full of comments. You can leave your comment on there.

This is what we have ordered. They all taste so good.

I really love their coffee and the bread. The coffee not only smell good but also taste so good. Also, the bread is very crispy.

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