Food Diary

Summer Fruit | 2016


I said goodbye to summer two weeks ago and hello to autumn. To be honest I kind of miss summer since there are lots of different and tasty fruit that can only buy in summer. I wanted to share it with you guys and sort of say goodbye to those fruit. And wait for it to come back in next year summer.


Preparation of Moving into Dormitory | Tips


I move into my university dormitory on the 6th September, 2016 and did a post about my dormitory. Since I just move in and thought why not does a post about the preparation of moving in dormitory. I understand if you are the first time doing this you may panic or do not know where to start, lucky you got me. This is my first time moving in and I am very excited about it and also nerves. I will take about some preparation in the following.


Blogger Recognition Award | Tags


Hello everyone!

Tag is the kind of blogpost that I enjoy reading and writing every single time. And I truly appreciate whoever invented this. You encourage and help us to have more connection with other blogs. Anyways I have been nominated by lovely Acqua from OnMyWay.


September Goals | 2016


It is that time of the month where I set some hard or impossible goals for myself. Sometimes I love setting harder goals for myself so that I can push myself to do it. Instead of having that attitude of ‘oh yeah, that’s easy. I can achieve that. No need to worry.’ I rather have a more positive one.

I had quite a busy August which I did a summary POST about my busy and excited August. I want to set some goals for myself in September. 


Moving in Dormitory | Life


I know I am annoying. I have been saying that for weeks and weeks and sure you guys are bored. But today is the day I move out and move into my dormitory. And probably spend the next one to two years in there. I am wishing that I can spend the next four years in here then I do not need to find my apartment later. Finding an apartment is always a headache. I would not get into that part as this is a post about me, moving in dormitory.

My Dream Diary

My Dream Diary #1 I Meet Him | 2016


Dear My Dream Diary,
4th September, 2016

It is an unexpected day or not. My friends and I were supposed to have fun in Disneyland, a place full of joy and happiness. We planned this trip a few weeks ago and couple days ago we were paying not to rain. But you cannot control the weather.

Wish List

September Wish List | 2016


Hello everyone! How is your day? I know school just started, how is it? I have not started school yet but soon. Anyways there are few things in my August wish list. And I thought why not share with you guys?

Monthly Favourite

August Favourites | 2016


Hello everyone! Can you believe yesterday is the last day of August? It means that Autum is here and Winter is so close too. I am so excited about it. I know many people love summer but it is really no my thing. Sorry. Not that I do not like summer but I kind of feel uncomfortable with summer.


August | 2016



I always enjoy writing this monthly summary post and enjoy reading others writing it. It always feels like I am doing a summary of what I have done in that month. And that sometimes kept me busy, not that I want to have something to write about. Just that I can feel responsible to myself and push myself to do something worth instead of wasting my time on whatever I was doing. Sometime reading others’ summary posts inspire me to dong something fun or exciting in that month.

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