Laneige BB Cushion Anti-Aging 3rd Generation| Review


Apart from the only cushion I got from Wonder Tension, this is the second cushion I ever got. I think I am falling in love with cushion. But in the past, I would never thought to try out any cushion, like not at all. And now, I am constantly looking for a new cushion to try.

Anyway, this Laneige BB cushion is the third generation which means the formula is much better and probably everything has improved. Well, I cannot be so sure because I have never tried the old one. The Laneige BB cushion has launched three different types. They are whitening, control and anti-aging which is the one I am doing a review one. First of all, I wanted to give you guys some brief information about this cushion. There are twelve shades you can choose from it. And there are guides on the website to help you found your perfect shades. The packaging is very beautiful too. The packaging of my anti-aging cushion is in brown and shimmery colour. It is very beautiful and eye-catching. I just love it so much. Although it is an anti-aging cushion, it also has the higher coverage out of the other three cushions and it is basically the most important thing a cushion. (it is just what I care about the most.) The Laneige Anti-aging BB Cushion has the best moisturized feeling and coverage in the three cushions

I have been testing it for a couple of weeks. And without a doubt the coverage of the Anti-aging cushion is so great and there is not any dry spot on my face during the entire time. But if you want me to compare it with the other cushion I got, the Wonder Tension (here). I have to be honest, the coverage of Laneige cushion is not as good as the Wonder Tension. If I am looking for a higher coverage cushion that day, I hundred percent would go for the Wonder Tension cushion. Wonder Tension could cover 90% imperfect part on my face but the Laneige could only cover the half of it.

Even though the Wonder Tension cushion has the better coverage than the Laneige, the moisturizing of the Laneige cushion is so so much better the Wonder Tension. Again there are no dry spots throughout the day and none after removing my makeup.

I really hope you enjoy reading this post๐Ÿ’—

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