One week of my life | #1


Hey, how are you doing?

I am doing well, thank you. And I am pretty much spending all my time studying this weekend. I got two public exams coming next week and a final exam two weeks later.  When I remind myself everytime, I feel so stressful and exhausted. I always feel like that there is enough time for me.


Little Haul in Daiso


What is Daiso?
Daiso is a Japanese brand that founded in December, 1977 and sell a large variety of products from cosmetics to snacks to daily necessities etc. You basically can find anything you want in Daiso. And that is not all the amazing stuff about Daiso, Daiso also sells their products in a unite price, 30TWD (1 pound or 10 HKD etc.), except snacks that is a bit expensive. So in conclusion, Daiso is such an affordable brand that you can have no worries while you are shopping.

How did I find out Daiso?
When I just arrived in my school that is located in uptown and it is hard to find a place for grocery shopping. The only place left is the shopping mall sitting cross our school. There is no supermarket in the mall but a Daiso that I spent a lot of money in buying many daily necessities. And I have been purchasing stuff in Daiso even since.

Today I wanted to share three little beautiful Japan style things to you guys. They are little envelope and a delicate card that you can write anything on it. I was not the kind of girl that will buy such cute thing but I fall in love the second I saw them and cannot control myself not to buy them. I never regret purchasing them.

You can use them in anywhere. A little thank you letter to your friend with some homemade desserts. I mean this is such a great combination. I believe your friends will feel so warm after receiving such a beautiful and warm card.

Hope you enjoy reading it πŸ’—

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