A Little Gift For Myself | NIKE BENASSI DUO ULTRA


Mid-term exam is finally finished and I feel so relaxed. I feel like I can finally get some comfortable long hour sleep that I have not been getting in the past week or so. If you know me sleeping is one of those things that I cannot skip or spend any less time in it. So after a long hour sleep, I decide to hang out with my friends and get some gifts for myself. It is like a reward for me that I have been working hard in exam.

I was being a great accompany for my friend who was shopping in Adidas and planning on buying the newest Ultra Boost. While she was checking out her shoes, in the other store, Nike, there is a sandal that totally gets my attention. I have tried one Nike sandal before and I love it. It is made with a soft, pliable foam midsole for plush cushioning and a carved-out outsole. And it said that it was the lightest sandal of all the Nike’s sandal. I do not know if it is the lightest of all because I have never tried one before and I cannot make any comment about that. But I do know that it is very light weighted, I can say that the second I pick it up. Due to the softness and the light weighted, I decided to purchase this bad boy. Compare to all the sandals that I had worn before, I think it is pretty expensive. Well as I always get the sandal from random store which they do not have any brand. And, now, for the first time, I bought a NIKE sandal and it cost 1200TWD which is quite expensive. But, to me, it is still affordable. I really like that the outsole is quite thick that makes me look a bit taller. Oh by the way, my friend did not end up buying that shoe since she bought a pair of new shoes two months ago. And I am the one end up with a sandal. So after all there is one bad thing about this sandal which is do not wear it if it is raining outside. It will seriously ruin your sandal.

There are few more designs of this beautiful NIKE sandal but sadly they are not on sale in Taiwan. I believe you can get them from other countries. The other designs are also very beautiful and I kind of wanna get one more. (just kidding)

Hop you enjoy reading it.💖

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