First Impression of A'pieu Wonder Tension


I bought this baby as a gift to my best friend who has been besties with me for 10 years.
I even wrote a blog about it. (here)

Basically I have never bought a cushion because I prefer a matte finish than dewy finish. But there is one thing that attracts me which is the great coverage of Korea product. The great coverage of Korea product is very well-known and that attracts me a lot. And it is one of the reasons why I purchase this cushion.

Ok, I have no idea how many product should I put on face and not asking anyone teaches me a lesson. Since I have no concept of cushion, I apply lots of it on my face and only on my face and the colour of my face and neck is a totally different colour. My face is so white and my neck is yellow. But there is something I need to say, the coverage of this product is so so good. It covers all my redness and freckles even my favourite concealer cannot achieve.  Anyways, after admiring how perfect my skin is, I then call my friend seeking for rescue. She laughs at me for a while and teaches the ‘right’ way to apply cushion.

Of course, I remove all my makeup and wear it one more time with the ‘right’ way. You do not need to apply many of it just take a little bit of the product then that’s enough. And then tape it on your face gently until it is welly blended. And then finish it with a powder.

After I apply this product, I know that I love the coverage of it. And I believe I have some misunderstanding about cushion because it is not as dewy as I thought it will be. (at least my face does not look glowing.) And it is not very sticky as I imagine. So maybe I will try other cushion in the future. 

The upper photo is me without any makeup and filter. You can see that my skin condition is very bad, there are lots of pores on my face, redness, dark spot  and also freckles. And then the bottom photo is me with the wonder tension on. You can tell that my pores are covered and so as my redness, dark spot and freckles. Again I am so impressed by this product. 

Hope you enjoy reading it 💖

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