One week of my life | NOC. Café | #2


I arrived in Hong Kong last Sunday and that is why I did not post anything last week because I am way too busy packing my stuff. We need to clear our room before we left and that nearly drive me crazy. But I would not say I do not enjoy any of it, in fact I love packing. I have no idea why, I just love packing things. I even helped some of my friends to pack their stuff. Of course, after I have finished packing mine.

The day after I arrived in Hong Kong, one of best friends asks me out for high tea but we ended up going to NOC.  Café which is in the Central. She saw lots of people taking great photos in that café and she want to take some photos in there too. To be honest, I love that place a lot despite it is in the middle of nowhere. We have to take taxi so that we can arrive there. Or maybe we just do not live in Central and have no idea of the short cut. Anyways, we took lots of photo in there and also the food in there is so delicious.

The next day, we went to Café R&C. The coffee in there is so amazing. There is latte art in every single coffee. I chose the coffee base on what latte art do I want instead of what coffee do I want to try. I know that sounds crazy but the latte art is so beautiful. We also ordered spaghetti which I will not recommend because it does not taste good.

One of my best friends, Junius, just travelled back from Japan and bought me some souvenir. It is so hard to say that I did not like them. I was very surprised to get a thermos bottle which beauty and the beast is on it. The thermos bottle is so gorgeous. I just love the bottle a lot. And she got me some snacks. I thought that it is very sweet but it is not and it tastes so delicious. I like that the taste of red beans is very strong and it is very soft. And then it comes to the peach which smells so freaking good.  The peach is very juicy and sweet. If I have the chance to go to Japan, I definitely will buy some peaches and save some when I get back to HK. Anyways, thanks for your souvenir.  I love them a lot.

Hope you enjoy reading it 💓

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