One week of my life | #1


Hey, how are you doing?

I am doing well, thank you. And I am pretty much spending all my time studying this weekend. I got two public exams coming next week and a final exam two weeks later.  When I remind myself everytime, I feel so stressful and exhausted. I always feel like that there is enough time for me.

Although I am so stress out, I still need to make some time for myself and for this blog. Here is a place where I can escape from the world and be happy. It is basically a little world. I think I just gonna stop rumbling and get this post started.

This week we learned how to make caramel cake and biscuit with the taste of Japan sweet corn soup. Without a doubt, the caramel cake tastes absolutely delicious. I like that the cake is so soft and you can taste the caramel in your month every time chew it. But there is one thing to keep in mind, be aware not to overcook the caramel. As it will taste bitter, and probably that is the least thing you want it in a dessert. I know the Japan sweet corn soup biscuit may sounds weird but as much as it sounds weird, it is so delicious that I crave for more of them.

After attending the bakery lesson, I got the Chinese culinary lesson the other day. Miss Lee, my teacher, decided to teach us how to make Dongpo Pork. My friends and I were so damn exciting about this recipe.  We paid attention at class like we never did, just to make the Dongpo Pork that we all love to eat. And of course it tastes perfect though the meat maybe a bit overcook. But that is fine, the result is everything, what you have learnt during it is more important.

On Saturday, I head out with my friends to have lunch in a sushi restaurant. This restaurant is not expensive but the quality of food is quite good.

Hope you enjoy reading it. 💗

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  1. I am sorry for the stress you feel with all the studying but I'm glad you can find some release in your blogging! Thanks for sharing with us, and your culinary works are art look beautiful! ^_^


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