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Hello, everyone!! I just finished reading White Light by Jay Asher. And I thought why not write a review on this since I enjoyed reading it a lot. I know that Jay Asher also wrote a book name 13 Reasons Why but please don’t compare them as they are two very very different books. The main plot of 13 Reasons Why is a girl talking about why she committed suicide. And I should not get too deep in it because I believe many of you have watched or read the 13 Reasons Why. Also I am doing the book review on White Light not 13 Reasons Why. haha

White Light is a contemporary romance book and some cute puppy love about the main character, Sierra. Sierra’s parents own a tree farm in Oregon and they head to California every Christmas to sell their trees in there. So Sierra spends her Thanksgiving to Christmas in California with one of her best friends Heather. But that’s going to change next year. It could be their last year spending Christmas in California.

Knowing that it could be their last year in California was not really a big deal but not when Sierra met a cute and charming boy called Caleb who does not have a good reputation and got some secret. Sierra is totally falling for him when she first saw him but not every went so smooth. After Sierra found out the little secret about Caleb, she was struggling whether she should talk about it with him or not. And when her parents found out everything, Sierra has to figure out how to convince her parents.

At first her parents maybe a bit hash on them, but at the end they will sort thing out. I like that there are sweet and warm interaction between Sierra and her parents. And how Sierra convinced her parents that they should give a second chance after her parents found out Caleb’s little secret.

Sierra’s best friend, Heather, is such an amazing and nice person. And this Christmas Heather was struggling whether she should break up with her own boyfriend. As he does not know what she really wants but at the same time Heather still have feelings for him.

This book also gives a good message and I love the ending of this book. Author did not write an ending in this book, I love that he leaves readers to imagine what would happen to them in the future. I just like books that do not have fixed ending.

I hope you enjoyed reading it

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