July goals | 2017


I have been on my summer holiday for two weeks and I realized that I have not given myself anyone goals. In order to make myself busy, goals must be created as I love to keep myself occupied.

  1. Keep my diary on track. Sometime, I got too tired and forgotten to write my dairy but I want my dairy consciously. Therefore, I can reread it when I get old. ( GET OLD, cannot believe I am saying this)
  2. Read one book twice. Ok, I love to read book when I was a little girl. When I grow up, I stop reading without any reasons. I wanted reread the book so that I can learn the phrase and remind new words that I have learnt in the book.
  3. Spend five days at work every week.
  4. At least cook one meal for my family twice a day and bake a dessert once a week. It is because I am studying culinary art in university and I just wanna keep practicing even I am not having lesson.
  5. At least jog 30 minutes three times a week.

This is my July goals. I know that there are four goals but I believe they will keep me occupied.

Do you have any July goals, feel free to share them with me?

Hope you enjoy reading it 💗

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