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I cannot fall asleep at night. You may be thinking it is because I am having so much pressure from school or family business that I need to worry. But I am not. Not that I do not have anything to worry but it is not the reason I cannot fall asleep. And now, you may worry that I am suffering from insomnia. In fact, I am not. So why cannot I fall asleep and why am I not worry?

First of all, I have to admit that I love love love sleeping. But it does not mean that I do not like laying in bed before falling asleep. During that period of time, I dreamed about a lot of things, from daily life to undersea to supernatural. Just anything, no matter it is real or unreal. But it is nothing about MY BIGGEST FEAR. I dreamed about a lot of things and kind of formed them into stories. Oh by the way should I consider that period of time as a day dreaming? Maybe I should. haha

Thinking or dreaming about them take me away from the cruel reality that I am living in. And those ‘stories’ allowed me to input so much excitement in my invisible or unreal life. Ok, I sound like a total freak now.

But anyways as much as I love to dream about them, I love to write them down as a story which I have never succeeded. Actually we have to get back to why I cannot fall asleep instead of my relationship between the stories.

Yes, as mentioned, I am laying in bed creating lots of fancy. I like those fancy since I am the one that create them. But as I am creating them, I will slowly get back to reality. I will slowly review what I did in that day and end up with a down emotion. Not because I did nothing, it is because the only thing that enjoy the most in a day is blogging. And of course the period of time that I spend time with my family. I absolutely treasure that period of time. But apart from those times, I feel like there is always something missing in my life. I do not know what I am missing and have been trying to find it out which is such a struggle.

When I am in such a down emotion, I will plug myself away from it and start the fancy story again. And after a couple of minutes with my fancy story, I start to think about my real life. And not for a long time, I am back with the fancy story. I will eventually fall asleep in this infinity loop. And god knows what time is it.

I believe some of you may think I am so childish or silly after reading this or if you can even finish reading it since it is quite boring. But this is the reason why I cannot fall asleep.

I hope you enjoy this post. 

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  1. I do the exact same thing! I dont think its childish, its almost like a form of escapism! xx


  2. First off I need to say how well you're doing with your 31 day challenge! Amazing! I do the same thing, that time after you switch off your light is the only moment in the day to dream or create something different or better! xx


    1. so glad you like it. it means a lot to me:)

  3. This is completely normal! I also use the times when I can't sleep to create things in my head. If you feel like your life is missing something, it means that there is something to be found out. And to me, that can be an exciting challenge! There is something that's supposed to be on your life but isn't there yet. You have to discover what it is, and that's not sudden, it takes time :)

    onmywayacqua.blogspot.com | Acqua xx


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