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Hello everyone! How’s your day? Wish you all have a fabulous day!
No matter how much I like that item, I will eventually abandon them after a few months as there are always new items that can replace them. But there are FIVE things that I always love and will never abandon them.
1.      Coffer
Coffee is something I always love. I think they taste so good at all time. They also smell incredibly amazing. I always love smelling the coffee before drinking it.

2.      A Beautiful Voice
I am those teenagers that never truly enjoy pop music. I always think what kind of music I will like. Then I found out opera and I fall for it. They are just so good. I am currently obsessed with Les Miserable.

3.     Having Dinner With My friend Family
Parents are very busy at work. Daughters and sons are busy at their homework or having fun with their friends. In some family, they all are so busy that probably cannot have a meal together every day. Not having at least one meal together in a day is not allowed in our family. I totally agree with that. No matter how busy we are, we will always have dinner together. And I really enjoy spending time with my family. I pleasure it a lot. Although I still head out for dinner with my friends who I only meet one to two times every few months. 

4.      Rice & Steamed Bread
This is the food I love since I can eat. My parents always told me how much I love steamed bread. Not just any bread, it must be steamed bead!! They said that when they were out for dinner or reunion with family, they would give me streamed bread in case I am being whinny. And I can finish so many of them before I fall asleep. (at that time.) And rice! I love it. This is the food that I cannot live without. The health one I guess. haha
5.      Time /Clock
I like to know what time is it whenever I need to. I do not know is there anyone out there has the same feeling as mine. But I really need to know what time is it whenever I want or not I will feel so annoyed. That is why I always keep a clock on my working desk and near my bed. I know I can check it on my electronic devices but I feel like having a actual clock is more secure. 

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  1. I just have to say that coffee and brownie photo has me drooling haha it looks seriously good!! Xx

  2. I love coffee so much! I also love rice and les miserables is such a good film/musical! Great post!

    Amyx Makeupwithmissa.blogspot.co.uk

    1. my god les miserable is the best<3

  3. Ha, I don't have an actual clock, just my phone and computer! I'll always love coffee too.

    Corinne x

  4. Lovely post, it filled me with happiness aha xx

  5. Great post!! I love coffee too! Have a great day!


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