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Before I start talking about this topic, I would like you guys to know that I am not trying to offence anyone. I am simply expressing my point of view on how I feel about that and why I am not a groupie. And I never judge anyone who is a groupie after I grew up.

There is a memory that I had a deep impression back in 2005 or 2006 which I am not quite sure about the timing but it is close. I was in year 5 or 6 at that time and remembered that my classmates were so crazy about a boy band. They were so crazy screaming over a plastic banner, wrapped around a bottle of water, that the boy band was on it. And when they were screaming over them, I literally gave them a weird glance. Glances that represent the meaning of are you guys ok and why are you screaming over a water bottle.

So here may come to a question of how could I remember all the detail and how are you going to believe that I am not lying?

Well sometimes when somethings happened, I will suddenly become the third person. I can see what is going on so clear and can always remember it. No matter how many years later, I can still recall that memory and remember every single detail. I do not know why and is there anyone out there has the same experience as mine or not. If yes, I believe you would know that I am not lying, not at all.

Anyways I should start telling you why I am not a groupie and how I feel about that.

I was never those kids or teenagers that gone crazy for a celebrity. I have no negative memory about celebrity but it is just something that is deep in my mind.

The meaning of gone crazy:
  • Non-stop purchasing posters of a celebrity or any objects that has his/ her face on
  • Using what he/ she is using
  • Picking up a celebrity at airport
  • Buying every products that he/ she promote

Those are the action that I never did. When I was a little girl, I ask myself a question. If there is a celebrity that I love, will I do something like that? And the answer is NO. Why? I always think it is waste of money. I mean I cannot get his/ her attention by doing such thing. They are making more and more money while I am spending more and more money on them. And keep in mind that the money that I am spending is my parents’ money. And how could I afford such a high expenses at that age without a job?

‘Then find a job. Working for your auntie or neighbor to earn a few penny.’

Yes those are some methods that I can make my own money. But I believe it cannot balance the expenses.

Apart from I cannot balance the expenses, there is another fact which is I am not a fan of any celebrity when I was a little girl. Well of course, not until now. I am a fan of some celebrities that includes Youtuber. Is not that obviously? But I never spend any money on them with blindfolded eye. I do evaluate am I spending the money right? If it is not worth it, there is no way I am buying it. If it is worth it, I mean why not since it worth every penny.

In the other hand, if they are visiting a city where I am staying, I still will not spend my money on meeting them in the airport. There is no way I am doing that. It is boring and there are millions of people that are doing the same thing and for sure the celebrity cannot see me. I will probably standing at the back waving my short hands like a fool. Why should be embarrass myself while I can ‘stalk’ them though the internet.

And if I am so lucky that I can meet them in person, I am a hundred percent sure that I will just stand there and forget how to speak. Or have a stroke. Touch wood. As I will be too shocked and feel like I am dreaming.

Anyways, I have few friends that are groupie but I never say any negative or mean things about that or tell them to stop it. They have their right to choose what to do and I have no right to control them.

Being a groupie, it’s like obsessing with something. People can obsess with anything they want. Different people obsessed with different things too. Someone is obsessed with theme park, ice-cream, sky-diving or swimming etc. I think it is totally ok to be a groupie but I understand there are people that against it. I think we should find a balance in it.

I hope you enjoy this post and would love to hear your opinion on groupie. Please leave a comment down below if you want to. And again I am not trying to offence anyone. Also thanks for finish reading the whole post, I understand it is long and not entertainment. I do apologize for that. 

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  1. I am a fangirl and I probably would go to an airport, however I don't buy everything they promote. I think it is okay to like something as long as you know when to step away from the situation xx

  2. Im not a groupie mainly because I havent found anyone I like that much to obsess over! Like you, I like youtubers and I like other popstars and bands and stuff but I dont feel that I have to buy all of their merchandise! Lovely post, I found it really interesting! X

    Amyx Makeupwithmissa.blogspot.co.uk

  3. never been a groupie, im too passive for that LOL :)



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