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Taking care of your own hair is as important as taking good care of yourself.

Just around one year ago, I am still that kind of girl who bought lots of beauty and make-up products and did not have any idea of how to apply them. And I never really try to use them. So there are so many unused or unopened products that sit in my cabinet and cover in dust. (uhhh it is sad but true)

So I was cleaning my cabinet the other day (Feb of 2016) and saw a hair treatment product. It is the Dove hair treatment 2 step set. I was going to throw it away but I thought it would be a total waste. Therefore I use it. Yes! I used them. Since they are Dove, a popular brand, I thought it would be ok. haha.

I like the design of this product. It is small and handy. It is definitely easy to carry it around like when you are on vacation. The two tubes have the same design. It said that to open tube, twist it off and nozzle to tip. The step 1 is helps replenish protein. And the step 2 is locks in repair. Apply step one after wishing your hair. And then massage two to three minutes. Avoid hair roots. And then rinse it off.
Apply step two before you blow dry your hair. And only use Dove hair treatment 2 step set once a week.

** Credit by the original owner **
The rest of the days I will use the OGX Nourishing Coconut Oil Weightless Hydrating Oil Mist which I bought in the end of March. And I actually use it two to three times a week. This product smells so incredibly good. Some of my friends said that it is little bit too sweet but I am cool with it. The sweetness will reduce after one to two hour. Sometimes I will take this as a perfumer. xd This product does a very good job on moisturizing my hair. I do feel that my hair is smoother than before. I really like it.

What hair treatment do you use? Tell me in the comment. J

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  1. I need to get coconut oil! I don't like coconut though, so I'm worried I wouldn't like the smell. I always use a hair mask! | Acqua xx

  2. I love using coconut oil on my hair! I haven't tried the OGX one, its sounds really good :)


  3. Cute Blog! I'm going to follow it! ^_~ What exactly is your challenge for 31 days? Posting daily? I like the things you post about! Very interesting! Keep it up!

    1. i am happy that you like it:)
      my 31 days blog challenge will be posting daily:)
      thanks for reminding me that. i never mentioned that haha

  4. Ive just got a load of new stuff for my hair as its in terrible condition. xx


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