Three Good Things | 31 Days Challenge


Volunteer work:
I volunteer in library which a ‘comfortable’ place at least before I started my work. Once I started organize the books, I feel like the air conditioner is turn off. But it did not mean I did not enjoy the work. I like it. I like being around books especially when I can have a sneak peak in some books that I never read.

Coffee lesson:
I am obsessed with coffee and sure you guys know that. haha. I drink lots of instant coffee before I learned how to make coffee by myself. The teacher taught me the very basic step of how to make brewed coffee. There are not many steps but I am so bad at timing which also important in making coffee. I am so happy that I finally learn how to make brewed coffee.

Having brunch with family:
From my last blogpost, you can tell that I head to Butter A Lee with my mum which I absolutely enjoy the time with her.

These are the three good or happy things that happened last week. I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Ii would love to be able to volunteer to work in a library if I had the time! I think I would just stand around reading the books all day though haha x

  2. Last week a happy thing for me was that I managed to take some photos that I was proud of xx

  3. These 3 are really good things! I love time with my family too, it's the most precious I have :)
    xx Elisa
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  4. I really want to start doing volunteer work!

    Dakota D.

  5. I read your blog fisrtly and Congrulations for volunteer work.

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