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We all have our fear. It could be height, insect etc. But no matter how scared you are, sometimes you may find a way to tackle or reduce your fear over that. Unfortunately there is one thing that I am so scared of and no matter how much I try I still cannot get throw it. It is the evil insect.

No, it is not. I am just kidding. I am scared of insect but it is never my biggest fear. However ghost is. And I am actually writing this with a sun over my head. I do not think I am naturally scared of it. I always think they are kind since I always thought they are our pass away ancestor. But that situation changes when my mother showed me a movie around seven to eight years ago. That movie freaks me out a lot. I had nightmare days and nights. I was so scared to take lift for quite some times. Why lift? It is where the movie took place. You think I get better time by time but I did not. Sometimes I still need company when I take the lift. Although it creates some inconvenience in my daily life, I never blame my mum for showing me that movie.
I am sorry that there is not photo since I am too scared to search one. L

So this is my biggest fear and what is yours?

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  1. I'm sorry to hear that movie triggered so many longterm fears, what a pity! I would say my biggest fear is being alone at night. I hope your fears of lifts and ghosts become less over the years :)

    1. thank you, I am working on it:)
      and I wish there is always someone or something,makes you feel comrfotable, that can be there for you when you are alone at night. x

  2. For some time I used to be scared of lifts... mostly because of the Disney game!


  3. My biggest fears are the unknown and the future xx


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