Food Diary #1 | 31 Days Challenge


Ok guys before I start complimenting how amazing the food is, let us look at the cute door handle. I think it is creative. And because of its creative, my head is not working when I open the door. I literally think that it is a sliding door rather than a normal double acting door. Well, that moment is embarrassing but not as embarrassing and awkward as the following moment. An employee in the restaurant is looking at me throw the window and is giving me ‘what are you doing with the door?’ look. And not one second later, she kind of understand what is happening and give a weird look for a seconds just right before she helps me out. Sigh, what can I say? haha

But anyways when I step into the restaurant, I like the environment in there. I like the wall of the restaurant is formed by bricks. It makes the restaurant darker than it used to be and more warm colours. And I like that there are a few cartoons or cute drawings on the wall. It gives more warmth to the area which I absolutely love.

Besides the comfortable environment, there are two more things I like about this restaurant.

First, please take a look at this glass and watch the video. I am not quite sure about the glass at the very beginning. I thought it is part of the decoration but it does not seem like. But the misunderstanding goes away just after the employee explains it.

Again this glass is so adorable.

Second, it is all about the food that I ordered. The hamburger is very tasty. It is welly flavoured and very juicy. The French fries taste amazing too.

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  1. Omg this place looks amazing, quirky cute and the food looks fab!
    Also I don't know if you've done the tag or want to but I've tagged you in the Liebster Award Nominations tag! The tag is on my blog if you'd like to do it, sorry if you've already done it though! x


    1. yes i would totally love to do the tag. thanks for tagging me:)


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