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Hello everyone. How’s your day?
I went to a bakery store which is very similar to Mita Fancy. (Amazing Bread | Mita Fancy, Strawberry Cake | Mita Fancy) If you want to know more about Mita Fancy, you may click on the two links above.

I wanted to talk about the area first. It is a very nice and comfortable place to have a meal with friends or family. Customers in there are very quiet and they keep their voice down. It make me feel like I am sitting in Starbucks but the consumption is so much lower.

Let’s talk about the food. OH MY GOD. Please just look at those melting cheese. How can you say know No to it?!!! I and mum ordered two melting cheese bread in total.

It has three different kind of melting cheeses and a little bit perigord truffles in this bread. The taste of truffle is not strong which is good since I am not a huge fan of truffle.

This one is my favourite too. It is spicy!! There are pepper, meat, melting cheese and some oil.

Here is the chip; they make the perfect combination with the soup. The chip is a little bit salty and the soap is little bit sweet. 

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  1. Oooh! That cheese sandwich looks SOOO good! Makes me want to take a trip to "Butter A Lee" and make a cheese sandwich!

    Ps: I found your blog via comments from another blog.

    #sweetreats x

  2. The decor in the place look so nice and lovely, I like your photos xx


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