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Well it is that time of the month when I do the snack in month. I had quite some snacks in this month and there is one snack that I do not like. The three snacks on the above are always my favourite snacks. I think do not need to explain how to I like Kinder. You may check in the Massive Chocolate Haul | 31 Days Challenge. And for Snyder's, I always like these two flavour. 

This snack is heavy. It sounds and looks great on the package but taste not so good. Also I do not like the smell too. 

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  1. Ooooh and hungry again hahaha I never buy those snacck because it would be the loss of my health! | Acqua xx

  2. I love kinder products too! Such tasty chocolate :)

    Corinne x

  3. Mmm they look yummy, this post has made me hungry aha xx

  4. yes! KINDERS!!! I love everything kinders! I wonder if you have ever had the kinder eggs with a surprise inside!? :P


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