A Rainy Day | 31 Days Challenge

Today is a rainy day which I kind of enjoy it as I am staying at home pretty much the whole time. It is quite cloudy when I left my home. It started raining while I am eating hot pot with my family. We quickly finish our food and get home as soon as possible. But still our feet and shoes are soaking wet even with umbrella.

I like the sound of rain fall. It is such a beautiful and not repeating symphony. Also the temperature is cooler than before which is excellent. I do not feel comfortable with hot weather. I also like the fresh smell after rain fall. I believe this is the cent that I will never get bored with. 

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  1. I really don't like the smell of rain but I do love the sound, it is really relaxing xxx

  2. Loving this challenge at the moment! The sound of rain is so calming, especially in the night!
    Grace xx

  3. I love rainy days, but only when I do not have anywhere to go nor nothing to do :D