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Shoes are something that you cannot live without it. If you found the right shoes for yourself, it will outshine your leg. (It is totally my personal opinion.)

I love shoes and always window shopping for shoes. Why? As I am not centipede, I cannot wear so many shoes at a time. But that does not mean I will stop buying shoes. When I saw shoes that I love, I will not purchase it at once. I will wait, wait and wait until one to two weeks later just to see if I am really into that shoe. If yes then I will go back and purchase it. And by the way, sometimes shoes are so expensive and I just cannot afford it. :(

Oh my god!! This one!! I love it so much. I have been searching for these kinds of shoes for quite sometimes. And finally I got it. I love that it is very easy to wear. You do not need to loose the shoelace. This is the number one advantage of this shoe. Apart from how convenience it is, it is very comfortable and soft inside.

Jogging is never my thing so this is the first and only sport shoes I got. Although I did not wear it for jogging, I did not regret purchasing it. I think it is also suitable for casual wear and the colour is gorgeous. Also it is soft in the inside too.

Well this one!! I believe I bought it five years ago. This is probably the oldest shoes I got. You can tell how much I love this one just by the age of it. If I hide the shoelaces inside this pair of shoe, it still sticks to your feet. And still you feel very comfortable and cosy wearing this baby. I feel sad that Acupuncture does not sell any of this anymore. And I cannot find a similar one too. This is so heart-breaking. :(

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  1. Lovely post! All of these shoes look so nice! Xx

    Amyx Makeupwithmissa.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I love the colour of those trainers omg xx


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