Massive Chocolate Haul | 31 Days Challenge


Hello everyone.
I got a massive chocolate haul this time. Well it is not as massive as buying chocolate on Christmas tho. But I never bought that large amount of chocolate one-off in normal day and sure they can last me for some time. Sometimes I got very obsessed with chocolate and sometimes I do not.

The three rectangle packs of sweets are Japanese sweets. I tried them before and absolutely love it but they are quite expensive.


If I must choose between three of them, I would definitely go for the last one. It is always my favourite out of all three of them.

And then the following up is Kinder Bueno which I mentioned in Kinder Bueno DARK ChocolateLimited Edition. To be honest I was quite surprise that there is still stock. And you know me, how on earth can I miss this opportunity. I immediately bought three of them.

The last one is the Smarties, the childhood chocolate. When I was a little girl, I literally thought that different colour has different flavour, just like Skittles. And I was totally wrong. I like that the coat is crunchy and the inside chocolate is soft and creamy. It is just like M&Ms.

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  1. I love smarties! The orange ones are actually orange flavour :D

    Corinne x

  2. I'm hungry now! I tried to read the Chinese part on the Kinder Bueno but I only got "Black chocolate" hahaha Oh well, I guess I'll need to keep studying... | Acqua xx


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