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Hi everyone!

It is the middle of summer ( Isn’t that obvious?) and there are few tapping game that caught my eye around couple of days ago. They are those kinds of games that are the best to kill game. And what is better? You do not need internet! And sometimes that is the first priority of me choosing a game.

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So I got three tapping games that I wanted to share with you guys.

Tap Tycoon
So let us talk about the design first, I really like the design of this game. You can reset the whole game when you reach a certain level. And it will just get more interesting after playing for some time. They also have a good quality graphic which is something I like about it.

Idle Tycoon
It has such a great graphic, not the kind of fancy graphic but cute one. There is a spinning board that allows you to spin it every two minutes in this game. And the rewards are quite cool. There are also so amazing buildings help you to reduce the cost of everything or increase your income.

Tap Titans
The above two games are about building but Tap Titans is nothing about that. It is about battle with monster but you are not alone. There are warriors fighting with you and of course they cost some money. And this game does not allow your finger to rest at the beginning.

These are the three tapping games I have been playing and enjoy in it. Why? All tapping games have one thing in common. When you first started playing it, it takes time. But after playing it around 15 to 20 minutes or less, you can generally stop tapping and watch it grow. If you left the game for a couple of days, it would not stop growing. And because of that every time you get back to the game you will it become better and better. This is what I like about these kind of games, for now.

Hope you enjoy reading it. x

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  1. These are such fun games. Definitely going to check them out! Have a great weekend luv.

    Dakota D.
    Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter: @missdsquared413

  2. Going to check these out and download before I go on holiday xx


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