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Hello everyone!

This is not my first empty product but it is my first time writing it. (It is a review sure you are not the first time lol)
I did not choose this toner by myself, it is my mother’s stuff and I kind of just told it from her dressing table. It’s because I am too lazy to buy one. And of course my mother got herself something better.

Anyways let’s talk about what this product, shall we?

So it is in a plastic bottle which I like as I can be less careful and won’t feel bad after dropping it on the floor. And it is very convince for travelling. Apart from the great packaging, it said that it will immediately penetrate and invigorates skin, providing an instant balance of moisture. Also skin feels softer, smoother, more supple and looks illuminated.

I will not say I totally disagree with what they say  but it is just ewwwww..... I have only been using it for three weeks and the whitening actually works but that does not last for long. I look a little bit pale after using it for couple of days and there is no change anymore. Apart from the whitening, my skin does feel moisturizing but not for a long time or as moisturizing as I wanted it to be. And the longer you use this product the lesser it does it work. It feels like your skin has adapted to this product, just like a bacteria has adapted to an old medicine. Eww... I should not be comparing my skin to bacteria. Ahhhh that is a little bit awkward. But our body is full of that. LOL

In conclusion, I would not recommend it to my friends. Why?

There are better products out there. Also I feel like minimize pores is what toner meant to do. And with that, I will always reach out to that product. Another thing is that there is alcohol denat in this product which shock me. And that is the other reason holds me back from repurchasing it. (Unluckily I found it out at the end.)

Hope you enjoy reading it. x

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