Admire Someone Else’s Beauty Without Questioning Your Own


Admire someone else’s beauty without questioning your own.

I believe I saw this quote few months ago and did not pay much attention on it. But I did keep it in my phone since it is quite meaningful.

I post a blogpost about ‘I FEEL BEAUTIFUL’ yesterday. If you have not read it you may read it here. After writing that post, I recalled that I saw something very similar in my phone once and there it is.

We can see people in two different ways, how do they look and their personalities. I believe these are the two main angles we compare or question ourselves with others.

So let’s talk about how much we care others look. To be honest, back in the first year of high school I care so much how do I look like and do I look as good as the other girls. And since I was questioning about myself all day long with these negative questions, I eventually had a pretty low self-esteem and low confident. But things turned around when I meet a new friend and since then we become best friend. (Ok, that is another story!) Anyways I was able to not care how others talk about me. And when I was older, I finally understand that you cannot compare yourself to anyone since we all are unique individual. And everything is equal.

Yes sometimes I still admire how beautiful she is but I never thought of changing myself into her. And sometimes she may have a pair of big and beautiful eyes but the colour of her eyes may not be her idle colour. And maybe she is admiring the colour of your eyes. And you will never know. If there is someone you love and she/he does not love you, and at the same time maybe someone out there loves you. And you maybe you just do not yet.

Apart from the appearance, there is an inside beauty in every each of us. There is someone out there care so much more about your inside than outside. And that is the kind of people that you did need to care about. Instead of the people that judge about your appearance as that never last forever.

Before moving forward to the inside beauty, I want to make a confession. I do compare myself with others inside beauty. I know it may sound a little bit contradict to what I was talking about in the above. But inside beauty is something that you can change or improve.

For example, understandable, this is my top five favourite inside beauty. I will surround myself with these people and constantly remind myself that I can do better. I would not feel bad or upset after all. I feel like that I am actually improving myself to a better person.

Your inside beauty is important but it does not mean that you can give up your appearance. It is also ok to love or care about your appearance. And that is why I like the idea of ‘I FEEL BEAUTIFUL’.

For more information about the ‘I FEEL BEAUTIFUL’ you may visit here.

Hope you enjoy reading it. x

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  1. So true! I always compare my self to my friends which is so bad, you don't need to fit a mould to be beautiful xx

  2. Never compare yourself to anyone but your own self. Everyone is their own kind of beautiful, their own kind of perfect. We should always respect that in a person. It is what makes us different <3

    xx   B A S H   |   go   say     H E Y   B A S H


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