Top Five Wallpapers | 2016


Today’s post will be a little but different! I always love to collect wallpaper for my phone and there are five that really stood out. And I always reach out to them time over time. Of course they may be replacing in the future (maybe 10 years later haha) but who knows.

All of the five wallpapers do not have a various range of colour, they all are quite similar. As wallpaper they did not stand out very much, you would not have that messy screen feeling and that is what I always go for or ask for.

Which one is your favourite?

Hope you enjoy reading it. x

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  1. Love the wallpapers, the pink clouds are certainly my fave!

    Anika |

  2. These are all gorgeous, I love the cacti one xx

  3. I think the wallpapers really match your aesthetics and your personality! Feminine, soft and absolutely beautiful! Hehe <3

    xx   B A S H   |   go   say     H E Y   B A S H

  4. I especially liked the cacti one! | Acqua xx


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