Two Things In July | 2016


When I am writing typing this post, I realized that I never did a monthly summary post. But I think I did a weekly summary post before.

The weekly summary post:

I feel like that this a relaxing month to most of you that are still a student. But, to me, it is quite a busy one, I slightly mentioned it in August Goals | 2016. Although I was so busy, I still enjoy in it and there are three things in July that I wanted to share with you guys.

Prepare For University
This was the month I choose my university and things were intense. There were so many chooses and I could not decide which one. And also there were so many researches that did to be done. But at the end I managed to choose my subject and university. And I am so happy that I got admitted to an university that I love.

The reason why I was so busy in July! I joined two courses and got two licenses. I would not say that the two licenses were easy but if you pay attention in class it would not be too difficult. And then the others two courses were something that I enjoyed in it although there were so many small details that I needed to remember. No matter how complicated they were, I met some new friends and they were all some lovely and helpful.

So these are the two things in July. I am scared but also excited about August.

Hope you enjoy reading it. x

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