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It is summer and seems like everyone is going on a trip. So I thought I will share some of my packing tips and tricks to you guys and hope it may help you out. And I feel like I am the last one writing this post. As it likes everyone has started their holiday. Anyways let’s get into it.

Over packing and having a tidy luggage are always my problems and I always wanted to have some extra space in the luggage for my souvenirs. And I came up with few useful tips. Hope they work on you too! x

1 Packing List
This is something that you cannot miss! Writing a list helps me a lot. It prevents me from bring all my essentials to my holiday and not over pack. How can it prevent over pack? I used to put cloth in the luggage when I see them in wardrobe. And that is a bad habit. A packing list reduces the amount of clothes that I need to bring to holiday.
2 Plaint All of Clothes
Seriously, this is an amazing tip! It saves hell lots of space and work. What work? Oh, when you arrived at hotel, do you want to iron your cloth or spend time with your family or friends? Well I definitely want to spend time with my family or having fun so I am for sure plaint all of clothes.
Use a Makeup Bag/ Small Bag
Prepare three bags. One of them is for makeup, skin care and essential product. Or any other things that you may like to pack it in. This make your suitcase looks so much more organized and tidy. You do not need to worry about missing things or spending whole lots of time in finding them. Also I found that putting them into different small bags actually save a lot of time.
Pick the One You Really Use
Clothing: If you are travelling to a place for three days, only pick three sets of outfits, nothing more or less. This is my go-to tips for over packing.
Beauty: Choose one foundation that suits you the most at that moment and same as the other beauty product. While travelling I do recommend using sheet mask instead of gel mask. It is so much handier and light weighted.
Capitalize on empty space
The following tips may sound gross but it works. If you are bring other shoes I recommend putting shocks or other items inside your shoes. You can have more space in your suitcase. And the following tip is for GIRLS, put your underwear behind the bras. It is a great way to capitalize on empty space also it protects your bras.

So these are my packing tips. What are yours?

Hope you enjoy reading it. x

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  1. I'm hopefully going away at the end of the year - so this is really helpful!! X

    ♡ itsjessiejane ♡

  2. Making a packing list is extremely important. I always forget something if I don't! Great post! xx

  3. I always roll up my clothes, they give so much more space in my luggage to pack! Great tips! ♡

    Evelyn | BeautyCloud9

  4. I like that you are mentioning overpacking. I think that this is one of the most common mistakes one can make. It is one of the worst things to travel with way too much luggage. However, everyone has to make this mistake once at least. I now have a couple of rules. Never pack more than I can carry at once and I will always need only half of what I think I need.


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