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Hi everyone! How is your day? I am having a fine and relaxing day.

I was half-laying on my bed looking through my room in the meanwhile browsing the internet. And I had an idea of if I can redecorate my room how I would do it. I saw a few decorations that I really like and thought why not share with you guys?

I really like these two bed room. I like the pattern on the roof and the two lamps. Also I love the rug that hanging in front of the bed, it looks less dull and adds something in it but not too much. And that’s why I also like the black dot on the wall. They are quite on point.


I like the design of this desk. You got a little book storage thing on the left hand side which is pretty convenience. And another little storage thingy on the right hand side that you can store whatever you want. You may store stationery or skin care products etc.

Three plants with a candle is such a cute and sweet idea when it is on your working desk. I would love to put in the corner of the desk and will burn the candle when I am working. It feels like the smell of candle and the cuteness of the plants will enlighten your emotion and to put you in a happy and relaxing mood.

The glass board decorating is so cool. I like the idea of it. It will be very convenience and less work to be done. The meaning of less work to be done: I do not need to repurchase a monthly calendar year over year. I do not need to worry when I need to repurchase my calendar. And the best part about it is that you can change it usage at any time you want. It does not necessary to be a calendar board forever. You can recreate it into a memory board where you put photos. There are some many other things you can do with this pretty glass board.

Hope you enjoy reading it. x

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  1. So many lovely ideas! I love the glass calendar xx

  2. I absolutely love this inspo. In fact, I could spend hours and hours on Pinterest and looking for great inspo.

    have a lovely day!
    ❥ Vicky | The Golden Bun - Instagram TGB-

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