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Hi everyone! How are you doing?

As you all may or may not know that I am always on a hunt for challenging games. And they keep me busy, very busy. So today I got a new challenging game to share with you guys.
Oh hi has been the entertainment for me in the past two or three weeks. And certainly it did a great job on keeping me busy. It is not hard to understand how it works. Well it is not hard at all, you will understand it within a second. Although it is easy to understand how it works, it is not easy to bite the game every turn without any hint at the beginning. It also gets more interesting and interesting the more you play it.

There are five different levels in this game. They are 4x4, 6x6, 10x10 and 12x12. They get harder when you choice a larger map. (Is it called a map? I have no idea.) And every time you get a new map, you would not receive the map. And that's why I keep on playing it. You got filthy-filthy choice of getting every single block right, they are either red or blue. But I think no one will do that. haha.

How to Play:
Let's pretends that we are playing the 10x10 map.
There is equal number of red and blue in every line no matter it is horizontal or vertical. And there should not be two more red or blue link together. It means three red tiles next to each other in a row is not allowed. Also no two rows and no two columns are the same which makes the game more difficult.

You can get a red tile by clicking the box one time and clicking two times in order to get a blue tile. You can also click the tile that originally given if you want a lock sign on the tiles. I do recommend this as it helps you through the game.
After the Lock!

10x10 & 12x12
Tell me in the comment if you like this game.

Hope you enjoy reading it. x

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