Homemade Fish Hamburger Recipe


Cooking is my absolute favorite activity to do at all time. I can never got bored with cooking. You can constantly find amazing and new ingredients while you are cooking.

As you guys all know I have been obsessing with the hamburger that is from Mr. Leo Restaurant, a local restaurant. ( talk about it in my previous blog)
Well you cannot always order food right? It is never as health as homemade food. um.... have to admit that this is not the healthiest recipe but to me it just taste good. It is a homemade fish hamburger. (umm with some sausage haha) Having sausage in it was not the whole plan. I was not going to add any but saw the last two sausage and decided to add it in.

What will you need?

100g-150g fish
1 egg (any size)
1/2 onion 
1-2 slices of lemon
suitable amount of coriander
small amount of salt and black pepper
(sausage is not my plan haha)

And 2 small steps!!
Step 1: Chop the fish, onion and coriander into small pieces.
Step 2: Preheat your pan with olive oil then mix all the ingredient. 

You can make any shape you want. I chose circle. A typical shape. haha

Well here it comes the finished hamburger. It tastes so good.

Tell me your favorite hamburger in the comment down below.

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