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Hello lovelies!!
How are you doing? Did you have a great day?

I am writing a different blog today. It is not about skin care, food, make ups etc
It is about GAMES. This is the first time I write about this. Hope you like it.

So, there are quite some APPS that I wanted to introduce to all of you. To me, those APPS are relaxing and challenging. Ummm..... well, they are challenging but in a relaxing way. And some of them are even offline games which I really happy about that. As I do not have internet all the time and can play it at anytime.

They are the apps that I wanted to introduce to you guys.

1. Beneath The Lighthouse

2. Two Dots

This is a little bit challenging just a little bit. so little that you probably can ignore it.
It has limited moves and color aim on every level. But in general I enjoy playing this game.
And look at how cute are the 'drawings'.

3. It is the cat game
(that is not its name as I do not know how type japanese. haha)

You must try this!!!!! Even though it is in japanese you will still understand how this game runs.
It is easy to handle it. And this game is absolutely relaxing. (Nothing like the app No. 5)
And you will feel so pleased when you look at those cats. They are so cute. 

ONE MORE TING! How to find it in playstore?
Just type chronus f inc then you can find it.
And this company create so many type of this game.

4.Nonogram Carnival

Around six months ago, I am so obsessed in this kind of games. I had download so many of them.
I still play it but not as crazy as before. I only play them when I am taking a bus which I have plenty of time.
It attracts me so much is because after I finished one I fill satisfy.

5. rop

Well this game is SOOO challenging. And I know I should not put it in but whatever.
I know you guys do not mind it, right? haha
Like it in a simple and clear style. You would get so dizzy after spending lots of time on it.
(well do not do it, it really hurts your eyes.)

6. 1010!

7. Monument Valley

It is quite challenging but I really enjoy playing it. As the style it very simple and colorful.
It is colorful in a gently and softly way. It makes me feel so comfortable.
8. Funny Quotes

The pictures are credited by the original owner. 

I screenshot these three quotes from the apps just to show you guys how great are those quotes. I knew you can find them in other places like instagram. The reason of introducing it to you guys is because this apps is full of quotes and nothing more and the quotes are so funny. You can read them when you are feeling upset, it really helps a lot.

Comment down below what is your favorite game.
Hope you enjoying it!:)

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  1. Love 1010! It's so fun to play when I'm bored. Can't wait to check these other apps out! ♡

    Evelyn | BeautyCloud9


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