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Hellooo!! How are you doing ?
I am doing good today and hope you have an amazing day x

Well, I never bought a proper highlighter before. This is the first one I got. I know you are wondering why I did not get one before. I was not very into contour before. emmm.... you may check on my previous blog, there is more information about why I did not buy any contouring kit before. haha

I was planning to buy a highlighter from Seventeen or Hourglass Ambient etc. As they all have so many good comments. Seventeen was the one I really wanted to try. Some blogger had said that their products were quite good and high quality. But obviously I did not have the chance to purchase it. But anyway I got my highlighter from 1028 which is a Taiwan brand. I heard of this brand before but did not pay so much attention on it and did not do any research before purchasing it. So buying this highlighter is really really out of my expectation. Not only my action is out of my expectation but also the quality of this product is also out of my expectation. The quality of it is so incredible.

I was quite impressed by the design of this product as it is so handy and small. The packaging is so suitable for travel. If I want to put it in my make up bag, it would not take too many place. Also I do not need to carry a brush for applying my highlighter. It provides us a teeny tiny VELVET puff. Yes it is VELVET!!! You and I both saw the word. I just love velvet so much. It is going to be v.v.v. soft when it touches your face. 

So being handy is not the only advantage of this cutie highlighter, having a mirror is another advantage. And you probably cannot see it as my lovely phone perfectly block it. Also there is one more thing I love about this highlighter. It is very pigmented and a little bit shimmery.

I have no idea that it is that pigmented at first and applied a lot on the left hand side of my face. And I learned my lesson. I applied a very small amount and so gently on the right hand side of my face and that was enough. It created a shimmery look which I really like !!!!

I edited the photo into a more cooler tone so that the color of it is more close to the color on my hand. I tired a few lighting and it just did not work so I have to edit it. sorry :(

Where am I going to apply it?
Well it will be on my c zone, corner of my eye, the middle part above my lip(I do not the actual name of it sorry haha), my chin and my under-eye area just right above the cheekbones.

And here comes the important question. Will recommend to my friend? Well if just base on the first impression I will but I order use them for a longer time just to be sure that it is good. So I cannot answer this question right now sorry :( 

Tell me your favorite highlighter in the comment! x

I bought this BlackHead Remover while I purchased the 1028 highlighter. I have heard a lot  about this product and though why not give it a go. As lots of Taiwan skin care products always have tons of good comments. So I bought this without hesitation, believing that it is great. I will give you guys a review after using it. Feeling really excited about this product. x

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  1. I don't wear highlighter but this one looks good so I might give it a go xx

  2. This looks lovely! What a pretty shimmer, and love that it has a velvet applicator!

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