Gold, Silver and Black Metallic Tattoos Haul


I LOVE LOVE LOVE TATTOO no matter it is temporary or permanently on your skin. They are just so gorgeous and amazing. Especially when there is a meaning behind your tattoo and I also love listening to the story behind the tattoo.

Since I am so obsessed with tattoo, I bought whole bunch of metallic tattoos. They are in the color of gold, silver and black. There are few pieces of tattoos that is from last year. Except that few pieces, they are all new. Then I thought what is better than sharing it with you lovely people.

Also, I wanted to mention an instagram account that I absolutely love. They have some many amazing and incredible metallic tattoos. It is called iamu_collective.
credit by: iamu_collective (from their instagram)
So these are my gold, silver and black metallic tattoos haul.

I still cannot get over how amazing they are!! If you are obsessed with the metallic tattoos as I do, comment down below. I would love to know! x

Also there is a HIGH STREET MAKE-UP HAUL coming up. Do not miss it. Love you! x

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  1. I really wan to buy some temporary tattoos for summer and this gave me some good ideas! x


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