Snacks in February


Helloooo!!!:) How are you doing today?

I wanted to show to you guys my favorite snacks in February.
I had never tried them before under two to three weeks ago. Just love them so much when I had the first bit of it.

There are eight pieces of cookies in it. I finished them within second and repurchased a few more times. As you all know I love chocolate so much. The chocolate inside the cookie is very rich and there are many small pieces of chocolate on top of the cookie. Although there is a large amount of chocolate in the cookie, it still does not taste heavy after eating two to three pieces at a time. And this takes the quality of the cookies to a next level. Also the flavor of hazelnut is quite strong which I am impressed. Hazelnut is quite pricey and I do not expect that there is a strong sense of it in the cookies.

The sour candy! I am pretty sure I talked about sour candies in my previous blog. They are the same brand but different packaging and flavor. Without a shadow of doubt, I love this packaging way more than the other one. As it has more candy than the other one. haha Love it because it is sour candy. 

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