My Won't Go Wrong E.L.F. Bronzer Kit (Review)


Hello everybody! How are you doing?

So bronzer!!! Everyone's favorite make-up product. Isn't it?

There are two products that I want to talk about and they are not high-end product so I think it will be quite perfect for students. As they are just so affordable. When I first started wearing make-up, I was not  fan of contouring. It is because I do not have any knowledge of how to contour. And it always turns out soooo wrong either too much or at the wrong place.. As time goes by I told myself I have to practice it and due with it. The reason of that is simple, I kinda look better after applying it. haha And it is a fact, I did not make that up, go check some of my favourite youtbers and you will see. (Zoella, Gabriella LindleyKathleen LightsLauren Elizabeth etc.)

This is the elf blush and bronzer.

e.l.f bronzed beauty set

e.l.f. bronzers

They are from E.L.F. obviously. Their price is fair and for beginners it is worth for buying them.
The blush and bronzer actually come with a blush but I cannot find it. But anyways I did not use the brush that they provide to me. I was using the Real Techniques. Real Techniques brushes are always my favorite brush. They last for a long time. 

They are quite pigmented which surprised me a bit. I will rate 7 out of 10 for the pigmented. Since it is quite pigmented, a few tap will be enough. (If you are looking for a light make up) If you are looking for a heavy make up, a few more tap of it will do the job. This bronzer is going to last a long time for me as I tend to wear light make up then heavy. Apart from loving its pigmented, I always love its packaging. It is small and easy for storing and travelling. It will never take too many place in my make-up bag. 

I love the bronzers too. It has three different range of colors and a highlighter and a LARGE mirror. You guys know how convenience is it, right? haha This bronzers is not as pigmented as the blush and bronzer. But comparing to the packaging, I believe I love this one more. The mirror wins it.

Will I recommend them to my friend? Yes, why not. They are great and have a quality and not pricey.

Tell me your favorite bronzer down in the comment. I would love to know.

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